Scirra store why fees are so high?

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  • Scirra store receive 45% from selled item???

  • No. Scirra retains 30% of your net revenue (that's the industry standard, by the way).

    The final store price includes VAT and transfer fees. Those get deducted first (and due to VATMOSS it always differs a bit, depending on where the buyer is located). After that, Scirra takes their 30%. And the rest is what you get. That's how it works.

  • damn its expensive

    for me (seller) its still 45%

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  • damn its expensive

    for me (seller) its still 45%

    Then don't use envato. They charging 60-65% if you are not an exclusive seller (depending on the VATMOSS).

    So Scirra isn't actually that expensive if you compare it to other sites.



  • Low-cost items always suffer more from fees, because there is often a minimum fee plus percentage depending on the payment processor (e.g. something like 50p + 5%). So if your price is close to the fixed fee, that's a large proportion. If it costs more, it's a smaller proportion. E.g. with that scheme a £2 item pays 60p fees (30%) whereas a £10 item pays £1 (10%, which is 3x less fees as a proportion than the £2 item). This is not including the fees the Scirra Store applies, which is definitely necessary since we absorb things like the cost of running the store as well as payment processor chargebacks which can cost £15 a time. We probably could not charge less without risking losing money on these things.

    Not much anyone can do about this, it's just how ecommerce works. I guess you might have to put your prices up to compensate.

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