Scirra signalling server down?

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  • Hi.

    My multiplayer projects don't work anymore and get a signalling error [Object event].

    Can anyone confirm if it's down for everyone or just me?

  • same here , i think server down

  • Thanks.

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  • down here as well. is there a way to publish our own?

  • You can buy Scirra signalling server : ... server-161

    Or create your own, but I believe that's a lot of work.

  • Seems to be down again. Can we get an offical word? Ashley

    I'll probably buy my own when I release but I'd rather not have to for testing. Unfortunate that I had allotted this morning to working on my MP project.

  • I am also getting the "signalling error [Object event]" problem and can't work on multiplayer at this time. Glad to see this thread, though, I was beginning to think I was doing something horribly wrong!

  • Damnit, just wanted to test some major changes xD

    I think i should setup my own signalling server since i bought one already.

  • Please please get it work, my players are getting mad

  • possible to make a page to show server status?

  • The time right now in England (where Scirra is located) is about 5am Sunday morning. So I wouldn't expect an immediate fix for this.

    dannykln I just load one of Scirra's multiplayer tutorials/demos, it shows that there is no connection as soon as the page loads

    You can buy the source code needed for your own server for $19.49 from Scirra ... server-161 . I wonder how difficult it would be to have your own backup server that your game only connects to if the primary Scirra server is down (which it will know because it can't connect). If you're on a scalable server plan, it might only cost you a little bit of money to run, since you'd use it very infrequently. Amazon Web Services will give you 1 year of free basic server hosting which should do the trick. The fun part would be how you handle moving back to the main signalling server and preventing your players from being split apart once both servers are operational.

  • Thank you jasmattkrz i would wait for 24 hours, if the official signalling server still not working, i would like to try run one

  • dannykln



    I've setup a Signal Server for you guys.

    Feel free to use it for now.

    It's running on a dedicated server in Europe/Germany with a 60Gbit/s backbone.

    Set Connect to signalling server inside your project event to:


    Please note that it's not running as SSL nor on standard-port 80

    Some player might have connection issues. But i still hope i was able to help you guys.

    Have fun

  • Thank you!


    This will work great for me since I'm just testing out the multiplayer feature and I don't have a multiplayer project that's already live. Ironically it's now "about 5am Sunday morning" where I live, so I expect it to be a few hours at least before I put your server to use.

    But seriously, thank you again. The Construct 2 community is a large part of what helped me choose this engine two years ago and your kindness affirms that choice.

    I also just read elsewhere on the forums that Ashley recently stated disappointment in how many users there are for the multiplayer plugin (after the huge support it received in an online poll which predates my time here). So I want to give him and the Construct 2 team a sincere "thank you" as well for implementing this advanced feature. I also appreciate the fact that we get an official signalling (or to me, signaling) server available for free, and that source code is also available if we need to control that part of the infrastructure (or if a user suddenly feels the need to be awesome, like Everade just did).

    And yes, sometimes servers have issues; much of Netflix was also down for 3.5hrs yesterday (which is actually kind of crazy)!

  • Thank you soooooooooooooo much Everade you saved my life. i will give you credits on my site.

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