Scirra signalling server down?

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The official Scirra Multiplayer Signalling Server for helping peers find and connect to each other
  • Hi, Everade , it looks like i can not connect to your signalling server either. has the same error with official server, can you check it please brother?

    i was testing on official chat example did i miss something?

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  • tonypond

    It works for me, just tested it.

    Did you enter the correct IP?

    The problem might be that i'm not using SSL

    It states:

    // SSL configuration. Use of SSL is strongly recommended. Due to some firewalls, routers or

    // NAT devices in use on the Internet, insecure WebSocket connections may not be able to connect

    // where a secure WebSocket connection can. Encryption prevents buggy packet-inspecting

    // middleboxes from meddling with the traffic on the assumption port 80 is HTTP web traffic.


    Choosing a

    // non-standard port may cause some firewalls, routers or NAT devices to block the connection.

    The problem is that i can't offer you any of it.

    Because i'm running other services on this server which would interfere and i don't have a SSL certificate

    Letme check, maybe i can get a SSL certificate.

    I'm on it.

  • Thank you Everade, i copied your ws address into official chat example, it did not work for me, maybe its a network issue here?, i will tell my friend to try in another city, thank you again brother

  • Someone just connected.

    And omg sorry i posted the wrong IP xD i forgot 2 digits

    corrected it now!

    But i'm setting up a SSL certificate right now, i will keep you posted.

  • Good news buddy, it worked, turn out to have something to do with McAfee, i tried on another laptop without McAfee, and there is no problem! good job Everade and thank you alot!

  • Everade i will setup my game with your ws sevrver now, i am so happy

  • Installed a SSL certificate but for some reason i can't connect.

    I will just leave the current running signalling server online.

    It seems a few people are using it already, so i guess it's enough for now

  • Thanks Everade!

  • Everade

    Thanks so much, I'll use this to build while hopefully waiting for the official server to come up! Sad to hear Ashley finds the plugin being under used, I'm finally starting to work on a bigger project on it, and I'm still really impressed and excited by it.

  • I'm also working on a bigger project using it. I hope it's still in C3 as it will take some years to finish it.

    And no problem, i'm happy that i was able to help.

  • Sorry folks, the multiplayer server crashed over the weekend. I restarted it and will look in to the problem tomorrow. Should be working now.

  • I've been using wss:// successfully as the signalling server with my in-testing multiplayer game for months now, but recently I can't get the host and peer to stay connected to each other for more than a few seconds. I don't think I changed anything in events that affects it, so I'm wondering if something's currently wrong with the Scirra multiplayer signalling server or anything?

    As a side question, what's the difference between this $18.99 license for a Multiplayer signalling server ... server-161 and the free official signalling server at wss:// Do games stay connected better if I buy and somehow use the license?

  • I just also have a problem with signaling server! Tighter problem I can see in the template ( ... 11005?cp=2) on the basis of which made my project .... Can someone to clarify the situation with signaling that server?

  • Has the server crashed again or is it just for me?

  • Has the server crashed again or is it just for me?

    Can confirm it's dead again...

    Ashley Could you investigate the problem please, feel free to keep us updated about the cause for the downtime.

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