Scam alert - emails asking for licenses

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  • Hi everyone,

    Please be aware we've been notified about a scam involving Construct 2 licenses. If you receive an email asking for your Construct 2 license, do not answer it.

    We never send unsolicited emails asking for licenses. Sometimes to help diagnose problems we may ask for your license, but only after you have first contacted us at an email address. Even when we find pirated licenses, we do not ask for the old license. So if you receive an email out of the blue asking to send your license, it's a scam.

    If you ever send your license to someone who isn't you, you risk your license being revoked. If you have already sent someone your license, please let us know. All we want to do is stop your license being used by other people, so we will just revoke your old license, issue you a new one, and ask you to be a little more careful in future. Your use of Construct 2 won't be affected. You should definitely contact us though, since if we find your license is being used by other people we will revoke it.

    Below is an example scam email. Note the email does not come from the official domain. Some sophisticated scammers may even be able to make it look like the email came from; even then you should still not answer the email, since we never send unsolicited emails asking for licenses.

    Example of a SCAM email:


    From: <<>>

    Date: 2013/5/19

    Subject: Construct 2 license update

    To: <your email>

    Hello, <username>. Your license will be revoked at <date>

    (new versions of Construct 2 wouldn't work any more).

    You should obtain a new license file by sending us

    your old license (to verify that its legal).

    Reply at this e-mail with attached c2license.txt file

    and You will get a new one after it would be verified.


    DO NOT REPLY WITH YOUR LICENSE TO THIS KIND OF EMAIL! If you have already done so please let us know so we can revoke the stolen license and issue you a new one.

  • Damn piracy :(


    That's the first thing I check when receive an important email... And so should everyone...

  • Hmm, very interesting! Hope this doesn't affect too many people <img src="smileys/smiley5.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Scumbags...maybe time to reconsider that DRM free gig...

  • The price is already a good price. All they have to do is buy one. Thanks for the heads up.

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  • :)) children trick, i've never answer the mail like it.

  • Ashley, you know your product is gaining recognition when it attracts scammers and pirates.

  • I'm glad I never got that email

  • Construct 2 is so good that it even steal.

  • spammer/cracker/hacker comes along when the software is great. Thanks Scirra for the great tool. Hope you can integrate SCORM compliant package for deployment.

  • Thanks for the heads up

  • Scammers - it's vulgar stupid evil. They steal a license as a stupid thief who stole the Mona Lisa, to exchange it for a bottle of vodka, not realizing that by working as an honest developer, you can get more.

    I hope you never add harmful malicious add-ons that prevent honest users more than distilled hackers. Two rules: 1 Trust. 2 but verify. help more than triple authentication on a full moon back to north hopping on one leg and waving his left eye clutched in his right hand. (aka DRM)

  • I don't think putting your licence number in to receive an update would be a big deal, to check it against one of your registered IP's...

    This bit is a bit worrying...

    Example Email "Hello, <username>. Your license will be revoked at <date>"

    So the question is, where have they got the email addresses of licenced Construct users? and how do they know your username?

    Nobody wants DRM, but who wants Scirra being bled dry by scammers?

  • Thanks for the warning, I'll keep an eye open.

  • Any additional authentication byot primarily on licensed users. It makes no sense to put on the door lock, if it interferes with you, and a thief climbs out the window. The question is about where then used the stolen license and make the path useless.

    The question is about where then used the stolen license and make the path useless. But the authors have done so. Construct the free version has all the features applicable. It makes no sense to steal. Do it.

    I understand why the key generator used in RPG Maker. Compilation. You can do what you want, but you can not show the result. Construct 2 acts differently, there are no restrictions (except for commercial use.) Create game. Publish game. Play the game.

    If the licenses are stealing, it's the bad guys. But they want those who are looking for these licenses? What they little, if at Construct 2 has everything? Ability to publish the game? The opportunity to earn by selling the game? It is worth thinking about this question.


    Perhaps scirra arcade is the answer. Publication free games with the ability to then earn a license. Honestly. In my own work.

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