Scam alert - emails asking for licenses

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  • Why anyone would be so cheap to steal a license for a professional tool that is 100$ and has a free version with much of the functionalities of the full version, blows my mind.

    Really, is it worth scamming someone to develop a game? Are those people so <img src="smileys/smiley35.gif" border="0"> cheap that they can?t sell their crap game for at least 100$?

  • I dont know why people do this, Construct 2 is like one of the cheapest game-making engines ever. You usually have to buy a monthly suscription at a very high price. With C2 you just have to buy a license once for you and thats it.

  • This will not be one user trying to get a free licence, it will be part of an organised attempt to exploit the scirra name, website and it's users, for financial gain...

  • Haven't received an email like that, but I hope others sure do not.

  • Damn Criminals!

    When I first learned about C2 (Dec 2012), I was completely new to game making. I downloaded the free version, did the first tutorial, recognised C2's fantastic value, and huge potential, and immediately bought a personal licence.

    People who get involved in piracy are given all sorts of names, but the only true description is - CRIMINAL! (or of course any low down name you can think of that describes there antics, and doesn't sound nice or nerdy).

    What gets my back up is that they think we honest folk are stupid enough to fall for it.

    And worse, as stated previously in this thread, how did they get hold of email addresses for this kind of crime spree.

    Anyhow thanks for the heads up Ashley.

  • Scammers always have terrible English, lol.

  • Thanks for inform..

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  • Just got one , well ... They'll need to find better to scam me !

  • WOW look at those low lifes.

  • A good rule of thumb is to never reply to any email asking you for any information ever. ;)

  • spammer/cracker/hacker comes along when the application is excellent. Thanks Scirra for the useful gizmo. Wish you can incorporate SCORM certified program for implementation.

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