Sales or any chance of getting cheap?

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  • Are you guys plan on doing sales or, some price reduction? If not, I'm gonna look elsewhere.

  • Is that a threat? Lower the price or you'll go elsewhere?


    Here's an idea........


  • It's a question, not a threat. Don't give me your attitude.

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  • Sometimes (mostly during the steam sales I think), it is pretty cheap on steam, however people seems to have issues with the steam version sometimes, so you might want to look into that if steam isn't your nemesis.

    As for the normal version, it is rarely in reductions from what I remembered.

  • It's a question, not a threat. Don't give me your attitude.

    You really should have just asked the question "Are you guys plan on doing sales or, some price reduction?", without the co-responding ultimatum-threat. It changes the context of what you were writing.

  • Yeah, that's rude, C2 is already dirty cheap, You can look elsewhere but don't expect else

  • Are you guys plan on doing sales or, some price reduction? If not, I'm gonna look elsewhere.

    Elsewhere? wheres that 'steam' or competitor products'? Because you can't get it legally anywhere else.

    STEAM comes with loads of issues, be warned. Cheaper isn't better, and I still hope they raise the price by 500%, because as it currently stands it is grossly undervalued.

  • Hehe DUTOIT ! Construct 2's price is effectively low when you see the quality of its web portal and the rhythm of the release cycle. I saw they were recruiting as well, so it's great to see that they can afford a new dev on board =) !

    Azu : I think there was a dedicated newsletter for promotions, but I cannot find it. There are sales from time to time yes, but those are a bit sparse.

  • C2 is easily worth much more than scirra ask.

    My advice is, just buy it, if funds are a problem, start saving - it really is a steal already.

    Happy consructing...

  • Azu - you've been a member of the forums for 6 years! I'm assuming you've used the free version of C2 in that time so you know how good it is. Surely you could have set aside a small amount each week/month to save up to buy a C2 license.

    The personal license is quite cheap, I doubt you'll find a cheaper alternative game development tool as good as C2 - ... ame-engine

    If you really can't afford it but have a game idea for which you need the license, then ask family and friends for help or try crowdfunding - Kickstarter, IndieGoGo, etc. -

  • Guys....don´t feed the troll!

  • let's say they plan on doing a 20% sale in 2 weeks. they are not going to tell us now, otherwise no one is going to buy C2 for 2 weeks.

    that's common sense!

    if you can't afford it, just write your own javascript library, all you need is a text editor

  • No need for rudeness or escalating things. Beaverlicious - please don't be so quick to accuse someone of trolling, it can upset someone if you're wrong. Azu's been a member of the community almost as long as the community's existed, and I'm guessing has been using CC and is ready to move on to C2.

    Azu - as mentioned, scirra generally doesn't announce when there will be an upcoming sale. On the other hand, C2 is already one of the cheapest options around. It may cost a bit, but it's worth the money!

  • Sales are one thing and are generally announced on the blog or Scirra's facebook and twitter accounts as well as any social media they are present on.

    You can also get licenses through the competitions organised on a regular basis (you're just a bit late to participate to the 2030 competition for example).

    Go to "Make changes to your profile" and be sure to check the relevant subscriptions to stay informed.

  • Thanks for the kind comments, for those who made them. I know Construct 2 is good at what it does (the android/iOS some i can careless about). I just want to buy sure that it's some I'll frequently use if I drop 129 USD on it. Honestly, the thing that makes me want to get it is the object handling system.

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