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  • This is going to sound really odd. I've started using C2 heavily and I really like it , but occasionally my on screen objects in the editor sag. They look like they're drunk almost

    If you can imagine (this actually happened) a sprite font which has two clones (score and high score), one neatly in its box, the other one at the bottom of it and at an angle of 20 degrees or so. It only shows up at edit time, it works fine running and it seems to go away if I close the editor down and reopen it.

    Has anyone else seen it ? Am I drinking too much lager ?

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  • While I can't comment on Lager, a lot of editor related glitch issues come from outdated graphics drivers. So before you tear your whole project and system apart, you might want to check, if you have the latest stable driver for your configuration.

  • Are effects acting glitchy? Are your objects disappearing at odd moments? Do your fonts 'sag'?

    Feel like your editor just isn't itself anymore?

    You're not alone. Many people with intel graphics suffer from these problems.

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