How to get rid of ratio control in fullscreen?

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  • I'm having problems how to get rid of ratio control in fullscreen mode, sometimes i use



        width: 100%;

        height: 100%;


    to fit the whole page and does unproportional stretching, but C2 is giving me headaches

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  • I'm talking about like this:

    <img src="" border="0" />

  • I'm talking about like this:

    Sorry.How do you get this? i want try this where you write the canvas code?.I will be happy if you answer <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />


  • guero C2 keeps stopping updating canvas style due to c2runtime.js could manipulate width and height i have no idea how to modify c2 engine... C2 seriously needs to have an option like proportional and disproportional screen.

    I wanted to integrate like this to C2 = window.innerWidth + 'px'; = window.innerHeight + 'px';

    benefits of disproportional screen:

    -No complaints about empty spaces on the edges

    -True Fullscreen

    -Gaming Experience


    -Ugly stretching

    That's all.

    Ashley should read the reason ^.

  • Letterbox Integer Scaling? :P

  • Letterbox Integer Scaling? :P

    Jase00 No, you just "don't get" about ratio

  • EDIT: I realised what your getting at and wrote pointless stuff lol

  • Joannesalfa thanks .i will research.

  • Why would you want to stretch the game like that?? It looks horrible!

  • Why would you want to stretch the game like that?? It looks horrible!

    Ashley for some reason, take a look, i used disproportional method for background image, this sketchy game uses 640 x 480 is supposed to be landscape orientation for 960 x 640 ipod and 1024 x 768 android tablet, it made the real fullscreen, don't mind to vertical orientation.

    A lot of developers are interesed to this solution, we wouldn't see empty spaces out of canvas window.

    I'm begging you to add disproportional stretch fullscreen option for C2 engine, i made 3 threads about fullscreen issue, please!

  • Ashley im keeping this thread alive because i was waiting your decision to add new option for fullscreen, i've made 3 threads were unresolved.

  • I tried numerous ways including the one you mentioned. What worked for me was to setup one main window with a bunch of iframes. 4 in all. One on the top section and 3 across the bottom. The top section and bottom left and bottom right sections I wanted to remain the same size no matter what. So I positioned them using viewport settings. Then the middle bottom which had the game screen I set based on the iframe coordinates. So it increased/decreased the game visible screen without distorting. The downside is it meant creating smaller apps for each of the iframes. But it worked well.

  • Ashley

    To save a lot of time, if we target to mobile device with 800 x 480 resolution once time, but 960 x 640 and others are hidrances to mess the current window which uses 800 x 480 may appear white spaces outside of layout using scale fullscreen, isn�t working very well, seriously Ashley needs to understand this issue to support dynamic canvas window as width 100% and height 100% without ratio control, it doesn't matter it looks ugly because Ashley doesn�t even know what it fixes the problem

  • Ashley I agree with Joannesalfa we need to be able to stretch from side to side irrespective of the ratios. It would certainly solve a common problem.

  • We have a list of fullscreen options:


    -Scale (keep proportional and show outside of layout, is going to add some empty space on the right if the window is too large or at the bottom if the window is too high. It probably needs a new resonable name, maybe Proportional Scale or Scale with Ratio)

    -Letterbox Scale

    -Letterbox Scale Integer

    -Stretch (New) according this thread

    In that case, the assets and level logics have been set with a 800x480 resolution in mind. If we like to fill a complete 1080p screen or a 1366x768 tablet... I need to build higher resolution assets to match these resolutions it would waste the time.

    Otherwise, I can use a scaling operation which can cover the screen to enjoy the gaming experience.

    The game is still playable.

    Most of the modern console games are not developed in 720p or 1080p. Almost all of them render the game in lower resolutions like 1024 x 768 and let the GPU doing the process. It helps boosting the FPS and save memory in most cases.

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