How to get rid of ratio control in fullscreen?

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  • If you want to help, no need to make excuses.

    Make a .capx, i've tried it before and i found no solution. You probably won't make a .capx because you wouldn't waste your time to get rid of black bars in fullscreen.

    The attitude you're fronting is completely unnecessary and is making me want to help you less and less. Also, as I've already mentioned, I already have this working in my games. If you want me to keep helping you, stop telling me what I'll do, what I would do, or why I do things. Seriously. It's rude and doesn't help anyone - especially yourself because you're making me not want to help you anymore because of it. A kind request for help is all that's necessary.

    I understand you, I do not want to debate here.

    GenkiGenga Well, when i read his opinion it made me upset, if you think i insulted his intelligence, i should apologize him via PM when i get chance, however you're right he didn't attack me, he's cool to me.

    You did insult me, and I would like an apology. Preferably publicly instead of via PM, since you insulted me publicly. It doesn't take long to write.

    I'm sorry my opinion upset you - and I'm not sure what part of it did or why, to be clear - that wasn't my intention. I am, in fact, simply trying to help you.

    However, you should know that I talked to a friend of mine in the game industry with 13 years experience on 12 shipped titles, and he agrees that stretching the image is an unacceptable method of fullscreen.

    I realize you're resistant to the method we're trying to show you, but I think that's mainly because you haven't got it working yet. I explain later in the post why your attempt didn't work.

    There are retro games using emulators like mame32, nes, snes, n64, etc- they have options like fullscreen, there something can stretch the game window to fit the screen.

    Most games with 4:3 aspect ratio are stretched in full screen like starcraft, Age of Empires II, Vampire The Masquerade: Redemption, Panzer General II , Fallout 1 & 2, etc.

    As Mimiste said, all of these games were made before widescreens were available to make games for. Selecting the wrong aspect ratio doesn't really count as supporting stretching the screen, as the option to select the aspect ratio uses the method we're describing. Even some games that have no support for widescreen sometimes get people modding/hacking them to do exactly what we're telling you to do.

    What if they use it for any screen resolutions than widescreen resolutions? Obviously the screen would look incorrect.

    Are you using 960 x 640 resolution? I know you have iPhone 4S, but what if other mobiles devices are using different resolutions?

    As mentioned:

    The method I described works on everything, phones included.

    I'm sorry, "the sprites must be shown outside the exact layout of window design." It seems wrong typed, i mean the sprites SHOULDN'T be shown in outside of window while is on fullscreen. It looks so uncomfortable.

    I'm afraid I still don't understand what that means - objects are never rendered outside the window. In fullscreen, that would involve drawing off the side of the monitor.

    why should we bother to change assets from 640 x 480 to 2048 x 1536?

    So they don't look blurry on an ipad screen.

    I tested with your solution, it looks like:

    Ew... come on.

    From the picture, it looks like you almost had it right, minus one part - the ghost shooter tutorial doesn't have content in it made for 2048x1536. The ground texture is only covering 1280x1024. As such, there's a lot of uncovered play area. The method I described isn't going to work if it doesn't have enough content to cover the screen! It's like looking at an NES screenshot with no zooming - it will only take up a small fraction of a 1920x1080 monitor.

    If you want to be sure to cover every screen aspect ratio, follow these steps:

    Open C2. New - demo game ghost shooter (tutorial version)

    Set fullscreen mode to scale

    Set window size to something 5:4 like 1280x1024 or 17:9 like 2048x1080

    Set tiled background size to 100000x100000

    Set tiled background position to -50000, -50000

    Set layout to unbounded scrolling

    Run it. If it looks too small (that's how small things would look on a high resolution device like an ipad), either make content with larger textures or at the start of layout set the layout scale to 2 (you'll need to adjust the position of the text objects if you do this).

    Congrats, the game will now support fullscreen with no black bars or stretched images on all displays. The image on the right of the resolutions chart on that page doesn't include some of the newest device resolutions like 4k, but I think the aspect ratio of 4k is also 16:9 so it should work on them.

    If you set the window size to 5:4, make all content at 17:9 and able to have the sides cut off on a 5:4 monitor. If you made it 17:9, make all content at 5:4 and able to have the top and bottom cut off on a 17:9 monitor. Depending on the situation, unbounded scrolling can also be turned off.

    It should look like the jetpack joyride example above, showing more graphics instead of black bars.

  • Ashley, what about adding an option to extend the view distance of the layout based on resolution?

  • what about adding an option to extend the view distance of the layout based on resolution?

    Doesn't scale mode do this already? Linky

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  • Closing this thread, it's turning in to a bit of a fiasco. We won't support a stretching fullscreen mode and you shouldn't try to make one either.

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