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  • Hi everyone,

    I am looking to do a game in C2 and I see a lot of potential with this engine that I simply do not have with my current engine (GameSalad). However I have some specific questions about how things work regarding multi platform publishing and monetization options.

    So with GameSalad I had access to the iOS app store to do things like IAP, but the downside was that i had NO in app ads or IAP for android, windows 8 or OSX.. so free to play is limited to iOS. Windows 8 phone is not an option at this time.

    With C2, i understand Cocoon JS is what is used to make iOS and Android, but what options are there for monetizing? I would imagine that if you can wrap the game for iOS and Android that accessing iOS IAP would of course not work on Amazing, Google Play, Nook and other android stores..

    So I'm just curious what is the common methods C2 users are monetizing their games? I'm really hoping there is a solution that might somehow transcend all of them all. are most people focusing on HTML5 browser games, mobile?

    Has anyone had a game made in C2 be able to get into Steam? I imagine they have custom API type stuff that might be impossible or very difficult to incorporate into a C2 game?

    Sorry this is so long.. it's just a big decision to dive into this engine and I want to be sure i'm making an informed decision. GameSalad is just not able to keep up with my needs and C2 seems like a great fit



  • We support IAP and ads on CocoonJS (we're missing a bit of documentation covering it, but we're working on it), and IAP on Windows 8. You can add adverts to most games by editing the HTML after export, and we should be adding a built-in feature to make that easier at some point too.

  • ok cool, I understood what cocoonJS is overall, but wasn't sure the deeper capabilities of it. I look forward to exploring CocoonJS further.

    How would I make an IAP for Windows 8? Maybe an option, behavior or something that I haven't come across yet. I know I've been able to successfully build a Windows 8 app in C2, but not sure where i'd be able to make a call to pull up a store-like call. Is the IAP for Windows 8 something that is part of microsoft, or something 3rd party?

    Having a built in ad solution would be awesome, but it is good that this is possible. I wonder if ad services like MochiAds or a similar solution is out there..

    of course I'm a non-coder so i'm more interested in turnkey solutions rather than having to do a lot of coding if avoidable :)



  • part12studios - there's a built in Windows 8 object which you access all the platform-specific features like IAP through. Like I say hopefully we'll be documenting this in more detail soon!

  • Ashley, I like that word 'soon' :D

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  • heh heh ok understood. that's great! I'm not ready to take advantage of that yet so i'm sure "soon" will be before we're ready to use it. :)



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