Resolution change in NW.js

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  • Fullscreen option doesn't actually change the resolution of the screen but renders game in desired resolution and then scales it to fill entire screen.

    I'm planning to make game for PC's with NW.js and I'd like to support multiple resolutions.

    Is it possible to change screen resolution in C2?

  • Last time I checked it was not possible with vanilla C2, a launcher might be a possibility to achieve that, even though that feels cheap

  • System actions: Set layoutscale (zoom out/in), set canvas size (rendering resolution).

    Make sure "full screen rendering" in properties is low quality.

    That's the way I know of. sqiddster is able to do it pretty well!

  • Like said.

    There's no true fullscreen to be had with NW.js, which is a shame cos it impacts performance somewhat even with the low quality/layout scale trick.

  • It would be cool if Nodewebkit/NWjs could do real fullscreen, I'm surprised we don't have it yet as it's a common feature for games.

    Borderless fullscreen is a great option, but wouldn't standard fullscreen be more essential?

  • At least in nwjs you can request fullscreen from the browser object without user interaction.

    Only problem is I get half fps for a while after going to fullscreen.

    If you let the user cancel fs, and then request it, it doesn't seem to hurt the fps then.

  • Only thing I can think of is using the fullscreen in browser crop option and using the browser plugin expressions browser.screenwidth and browser.screenheight to make some adjustments to layer and or object sizes depending on the size of the screen.

    Hud elements would ofcourse have to be placed using either the anchor behaviour or based on viewportleft, viewportright, etcetera

  • Is there technical possibility to change screen resolution in C2? Maybe via plugin?

  • This might be what you're looking for, if I understood the request correctly.... I would make this into a tutorial but that's not an option at present.

    Click on the different colored areas to set the window/canvas resolution (works on nw and chrome). The layout will scale so the same image is displayed, just the quality will change with the resolution. Full screen toggle permits full screen rendering and you can set the full screen upscale quality as well. I learned that upscale quality does not change the quality in nw.... Time for a bug report.

    capx (r200+)

  • What's the difference between 'real fullscreen' and what we have now? As said, simply using high quality scaling will make the resolution the same as the screen size.

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  • , I don't think that there is a difference in a normal browser. The only use I see for this is if you wish to support reduced resolutions and set low quality fullscreen scaling to save some GPU effort (in NW). Having said that, I don't think it makes much difference to be honest (and it doesn't work in NW 12.1).

  • sqiddster

    I think most games are actually not adapting their resolution to the screen, but change the resolution of the system to the one of the game, which may be easier (or not) on performances as less pixels have to be processed.

  • Im getting some weird transparent border when going from non fullscreen to browser request fullscreen in Chrome.

    Works fine in FF, and Nwjs, with the exception that fullscreen turned to off in Nwjs works differently, as in it looks more like letterbox.

  • Aphrodite low quality scaling does the same thing?

  • I saw this on google, performance of border less stuff: ... creen-mode

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