Resolution change in NW.js

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  • sqiddster it lowers the size of the canvas but still has to upscale it (which should be easier than rendering it full size, but still in case of a too large number of pixels, or in the case of something being slow in the implementation of that upscaling for some reason, might be slow, or even just fillrate)

    My guess would be that actually, your low quality fullscreen + hi resolution issues come from this.

    While setting the system resolution to the one of the game makes it so the actual number of pixels to process, and render is the same, and the only upscaling that may exist (for exemple: setting the resolution to 800x600 on a 1980x1080 display) is done at the root of the system, and dependent on the graphics settings.

  • Aphrodite that's a good point, yeah the upscaling doesn't end up being very cheap.

    I doubt you can do this through the browser. Maybe some custom nwjs thing could do it?

  • I'm getting good performance with my project ( thought on my rig ) with hd assets. resolution set to 960, 540 or half of that, and 4 times zoom ( using magicam ). I have no clue how it will perform on other machines, but I'm following my gut. And my gut says "power of two"

  • I dont see the problem with an external launcher, lots of games use them to alter the screen resolution and audio options before launching the game.

  • Like spongehammer said, as long as you don't end up with a launcher that looks blank like that one that just screams "we have a launcher that we found somewhere" : ... uncher.png , it will be fine enough, just make sure that the user wants to use it, and not force them to use it everytime (I can imagine a parameter.exe being the configuration part, then you have a game.exe that will set the screen resolution then launch the game (nw.exe) in fullscreen if the fullscreen is needed, when the game is closed, the resolution comes back at its normal size.

  • How would a launcher work with Nwjs?

    Doesn't that mean having multiple copies of the game, which is already on the verge of being bloatware?

  • newt multiple copies? Last time I checked all my games that had lauchers did not have multiple copies, they just changed parameters before launching the game, which would be exactly what it would do in that case (changing the screen resolution before going fullscreen).

  • Some params can't be changed at run time.

  • Thanks for your answers.

    Unfortunately in my game the perfomance loose is very big.

    I'm using 1366x768 px and when game is played on 1920x1080 px monitor in fullscreen (on a laptop i5-2410M@2.3GHz, 4GB RAM, Intel HD Graphics 3000), framerate drops to 25FPS (from 60FPS).

    Indeed additional launcher is a eventual possibility, but I'd like to make it look more professional and enable player change screen resolution (not scale game canvas) ingame.

    Like I said I'm focusing on NW.js exporter.

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  • Does anybody have this kind of launcher for their C2 NW games?

  • Hi guys, did anyone managed to implement some sort of desktop resolution changing?

    I still have plenty of time before I need to concern myself with this issue, but I thought I'd better be prepared.

    I found these tools, they both seems like valid options, I haven't tried them yet though. ... un-revert/

    If figured we don't even need a launcher, we can call the exe/batch/script from within nw.js, again this is a feature I never tested, but I don't see any reason why it shouldn't work.

    Of course this solution is for windows only, linux and ios is a different issue.

    Do you have any other suggestions?

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