[Request]Google Play Saved Games

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    BTW, a temporary solution:

    on GooglePlay signed in > get level from database from user = GooglePlay.MyID

    on next level (function or whatever) > save level(variable) to database using GooglePlay.MyID

    But this would require server side knowledge and is...just... boring!

    To me this seems like the last hurdle in making mobile games with construct. 'Infinite' games are ok because the player always starts from the beginning and can use google leaderboards. But if the game has levels, as soon as you move to a new device (most people have a phone and tablet these days) you lose progression. Is this on the devs radar? Ashley

    You don't need Google Play Saved Games. What you are looking for is Firebase.

    Which can support both Android and IOS.

    Although, there is no Cordova Firebase plugin. Just Firebase for Web. But you can still use either one.

    But I do everything with Construct plugins, there isn't anything for firebase is there?

    I thought that seeing as there is a Google Play plugin, functionality could be added to that.

    But I do everything with Construct plugins, there isn't anything for firebase is there?

    I thought that seeing as there is a Google Play plugin, functionality could be added to that.

    It isn't as easy as that to add, for information's sake. And also, I inquired that with Ashley before and he said::

    Construct 2 already has a savegame system, which uses browser storage. If you want your savegames to be synced to other devices, it doesn't seem like a good idea to pick platform-restricted services - presumably you'd want to cover all platforms. The API in the original post looks limited to Android only.

    So, it is most likely they won't implement back-end services that are platform-restricted, as he said.

    And I also asked to implement a cross-platform back-end service, which is Firebase. Which was denied, since there are a lot more prioritized features to implement.

    But if you want to try, feel free.

    There are Firebase Plugins for C3, but most of them are private though, since they are customized and doesn't cover all the features.

    Cheers for the info!

    Any update yet

    Hi, I created a server solution. The PlayFab Master Collection solves that, under the Construct Master Collection.

    Link : construct.net/en/forum/construct-3/plugin-sdk-10/construct-master-collection-139046

    Still nothing new?

    Ashley You have to reply to the customers!

    Its a very very important thing, even if its Platform Restricted!

    It doesn't make sense! We have Google Play plugin which is Platform Restricted!

    I cant understand your view.

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    You should create some monetization plugin construct 3 isn't coming free you are taking monthly fee every game engine has its own plugin create unity chartboost plugin for Android iOS it will be nice for mobile Developers don't just focus on PC games many people working on mobile like me there are free plugin for monetization which is outdated the other paid plugin are so much expensive we Indies can't buy that

    Thank you ❤️

    Construct 3 already has monetization plugins covering ads and in-app purchases. This thread is 5 years old, C2 is no longer supported, and it's going off-topic, so closing.

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