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    - Since September 2018 I have been producing a solution to convert HTML/CSS/JavaScript projects (Game, Site ou Application) into an installable Android file (APK) through a simple tool to be handled, this tool is based on CORDOVA CLI and has all programs internally for its operation (Gradle, Java JDK, NodeJS, Android SDK).

    - Since the Intel XDK, Ludei and Cocoon the Brazilian community has struggled to continue with their projects because many do not understand well the system of compiling a project to become an APK file for the Android Platform, so I took the initiative to mount a Cordova environment and with all the programs needed to meet the demands of this group of people including mine, many still use Construct 2 and the Construct 3 build system still needs improvement.


    - Permalink to download all versions of Reinarte APK Studio is this from Google Drive.

    - The Reinarte APK Studio has open source in the file "Reinarte.bat" for those who want to analyze the commands, make their modifications or give opinions for System improvement.

    - The intent of this System is not to make a profit but to provide a practical tool to assist users of Construct.

    - But REINARTE accepts donations on some of this options Link, and will use them as an incentive to improve the System to the extent possible and adapt new rules for Google.

    - The Reinarte APK Studio internal Cordova Plugins and the Android System that is inserted into the project automatically underwent some minor modifications to avoid bugs and better adapt to Game Developers.

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    That Cool! I just tested this compiler and it worked really well, now I can use plugins at will and change index.xml. Thank you Reinarte.

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