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  • One thing that I would LOVE to see in more tutorials is "behind the scenes" of how all the events and actions work in C2.

    For instance, I originally thought that "For Each" worked on iteration every TICK. So, for a For Each (1, 10), it would take ten ticks for it to complete, one tick per iteration. I later learned this wasn't true...rather, it would simply work "instantly", often running multiple iterations in a single tick.

    Had I had that understanding sooner - LOL - I probably could have saved myself a whole lot of troubles when I was first starting out. But it's hard to ask these questions about the various events and actions because I DON'T see what's going on behind the scenes. I don't see HOW the computer/editor is thinking and how it interprets its instructions compared to my understanding. Without being able to observe the differences between interpretations - mine versus the computer - I don't know what questions to ask to gain that understanding that I would OTHERWISE obviously need.

    Does that makes sense?

    A fellow C2izen recently helped me with a post I made earlier today regarding an infinite runner I'm trying to make. My error was simple enough once he pointed out to me. But it's those other things that even the debugger doesn't list that makes it hard to know what I'm doing wrong. On one hand, the Event sheet line seems to be in place! LOL But I'm still stumped because what I want to happen isn't working, and I don't know where to look after I've tried everything that comes to mind.

    I guess what I would just love to see is an intimate breakdown of how an event or an action "thinks" when it's put into motion. What are their parameters? When do other events/actions need to be added, removed, rearranged? When do those parameters start and stop? THAT is what I'd love to learn.

  • this and a manual for intermediary and advanced users

    deeply explaining the expressions and giving examples of how to use then and how they works

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  • valdarko - Aye. I understand that the manual is meant to be a quick-reference guide, but it assumes a lot which leaves a lot of us newbs scratching our heads and not knowing which way to turn. I have a lot of BASIC experience, so that gives me only the smallest advantage of knowing where to dig. But I'm still left clueless because if that doesn't work out, I don't know where to go or what to ask.

  • Actually, you should go back and read/view again the "basic" tutorials you think you already know.

    For example, I'm pretty sure that in Yann and I's online class we talked about loops such as "for each".

    Those course were a lot of informations to digest and are worth going back to. With how the "basic" informations have already sinked in into you, those lectures can offer you another read/layer of given informations.

    Don't hesitate to look back at my tutorials too (shameless plug) where I always try to explain this kind of behavior.

    Asteroid clone in less than 100 events as well as the video tutorials I did for gamedev tutsplus.

    Also, never forget that Construct 2 relies on some of the same principles as regular coding. So somewhere along the line, you can read about those principles for "true languages" and still adapt this knowledge and apply in the frame of C2.

    Finally, you can read tutorials as much as you want, I believe you can't get around the actual experience of making your own games and mistakes that you'll learn the most from.

    It's like for anything, it is years of practice that help you achieving mastery. And it takes time, trials and errors, no magic recipe or ultimate tutorial/book there unfortunately ^^

    I hope this answer helps nevertheless !

  • Kyatric - ALSO helpful to hear from you, man. :) And shameless plugs are fully welcome. LOL

    You have a great point. Whatever basic understand I think I have, it never hurts to go back for more, or to do a review. I'll surely take you up on that.

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