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  • My new game is about to be completed in couple of days and will hit Play store right then. It' s a Free App, I have couple of IAP and ads running.

    My question is other than this IAP and Ads, does Google pays us for no of downloads or anything (forgot about the IAP or Ads). How does this works exactly.


    Let's say I have a free app with No IAP or Ads and 5000 downloads so far, What do I get?

    Sorry for the newbie questions. Just curious to know the statistics.

    Thanks everyone very much

  • I could be wrong, but

    IAP means in app purchase, so you should be payed based on when people purchase inside the app.

    and for ads, other will know better, but it is based on the number of impressions (I think that means number of times the ad is seen) and number of click (based on when a user click the advert).

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  • Google Play doesn't pay you anything for your downloads. So it is up to you to monetize your game and make money. You can have a million downloads but if you don't have ads or IAP and your app is free you'll get 0$ for it.

    But with a million downloads you would at least be able to sell the app for quite alot of money to a company who wants your users

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