[Question] Customer Experiences With Letterbox Scaling

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  • This question is mainly for those who have already released their game on steam or equally popular gaming platforms

    for desktop with "Letterbox Scaling" enabled. (Windows/Mac/linux releases only!)

    Do people actually care if there are black bars while they're playing your game? (Did you receive any negative reviews or discussions about that?)

    I mean from a developers side letterbox scaling is the easiest and quickest way to work on your game because

    you basically don't have to care about supporting multiple screen sizes.

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  • Almost every screen for computers and tvs have a 16:9 aspect ratio. So if you make your game in that format and publish on Steam most users will not even notice it because there will not be any black borders. Letterbox is usually only visible with black borders on mobile platforms as they have different sizes on different models.

    So in my opinion letterbox is the best solution by far for steam games. My game haven't recieved any negative feedback about it and the only way to see the borders is when the users play in windowed mode and resize the windows to other aspects.

    So that is my thoughts about it and you shouldn't be worried about letterbox on desktops

  • Desktop releases are indeed letterbox-agnostic.

    It is an issue on mobile, because publishers/sponsors as well as the players are rather sensitive about screen real estate.

    On desktop you can do letterbox fullscreen without thinking twice.

    Those audiences are far more sensitive towards jank, framerate drops and stuff like that.

  • Thanks for your quick informative responses, I think I will run with it.

    I understand relative design with the scaling methods well but even a small minigame like Freaking Letters

    took me so long to design because of that.

    Thank you again, if anybody else would like to share their thoughts feel free to share them below!

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