PubCenter Win10 Ads not showing anymore

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  • Hi. I could finally build my app for Win10 again with PubCenter enabled but after testing it for a while no Ads show up. Does anyone use PubCenter Ads for a Win10 App and does it work for you?

  • Hi Bl4ckSh33p

    I recently released my game for win 10 and win8.1: ... blggh69kp9 .

    For export I used the r227 because I can't get it to work in r239 too. Despite the fact that I added Winjs, references and SDK in project. But if i export from r227 i get white rectangle instead Ads. You can see it in my game.

    I too would like to solve this problem. What Ashley think about it?

  • I could build it with r241 beta without WinJS finally. I got a few script warnings but it did run and let me publish it to the store (already approved). But I cant see any ads so far. :-/

    just tested your game and I can see the white rectangles but no ad.


    I added the reference for Ad SDK and it added another UWP reference. But its still not possible to check "Xbox One" after uploading it.

  • Hi. I could finally build my app for Win10 again with PubCenter enabled but after testing it for a while no Ads show up. Does anyone use PubCenter Ads for a Win10 App and does it work for you?

    Hello, please post your query on this forum and we will help you with the problem - ... rum=aiamgr

  • Hi. The link is broken, can you post it again without the http part so its not shortened please?

  • Hi KBWords

    I want know too where we can get help with this problem

  • Bl4ckSh33p

    It's cool. Maybe this help us)

  • I modified my c2runtime.js

    and overrode the default onErrorOccurred for the MicrosoftNSJS.Advertising.InterstitialAd.

    Open c2runtime.js press Ctrl K+D it will format the code for you.

    search for MicrosoftNSJS.Advertising.InterstitialAd

    Replace the function with the below code. Put a breakpoint in errorOccurredHandler compile for debug. I was able to see the error message that at no Ads were available.

    When I replaced my AdUnitID and ApplictionID in index.html and data.json with the test ids. I was able to see test ads. I don't think they showed up without the code change. But I didn't run it enough to be sure ... ode-values

    u.prototype.aT = function (f) {

    if ("undefined" !== typeof MicrosoftNSJS) {

    this.we = new MicrosoftNSJS.Advertising.InterstitialAd;

    var q = this;

    this.we.onAdReady = function () { q.j.trigger(hh.prototype.q.ur, q) };

    this.we.onErrorOccurred = errorOccurredHandler;

    //function () { q.j.trigger(, q) };

    this.we.onCompleted = function () { q.j.trigger(, q) };

    this.we.onCancelled = function () { q.j.trigger(hh.prototype.q.rr, q) };

    this.we.requestAd(, this.EU, f || this.uU)



    function errorOccurredHandler(sender, args) {



  • Hi euaa302

    Did you get a live ads in your app?

    My game was exported with Constrcut r227 and published in Windows Store get low fill rate and i dont know why. I've experimented with Constrcut r239 but I can't get ads. Also, I noticed that the project is exported with incorrect dimensions of the banner, which also can affect your ads.

  • not work correct ads windows 10 with construct 2 and pub center.

    I have the same problem and nobody gives a solution ... rum=aiasdk

  • This is a real problem.

    Ashley what you can say about it?

    It would also be nice to add mobile banner sizes (300x50, 320x50,640x100) in Pubcenter plugin, because if use available sizes then this not be work on windows 10 mobile. ... banner-ads

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  • We want a solution by scirra

  • Please file a report in the Bugs forum following all the guidelines if you think there is a problem and you want it investigated.

  • I get some but the fill rate is horrible.

    I am using interstitial Ads. I think I would get more ads if I switched to banner ads but I read somewhere they do not pay out as well and I didn't want to take away from the playing screen to show them all the time.

    I changed my ad settings to include Microsoft affiliate ads and Community ads a couple days ago and finally had an ad show. I may have disabled those a month ago and I had nothing for a month.

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