How to properly make "Rate us" button for google play?

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  • Hi there,

    I need to make "rate us" button (actual rating process not icon) for google play.

    I have used method that is laying somewhere around here on forums. Basicly just using some url via browser plugin, when the button is pressed, but with no luck. If I press it in exported apk that is already on device, nothing happens. If I do it in preview in Construct2 it works.

    I'm using C2 r221, Exported with cordova, than ported with intelXDK with crosswalk on Android. Any suggestions?

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  • I think that you need to add to your xdk project the "cordova whitelist plugin", to allow your app to use the browser

  • Thanks for suggestion. In intel XDK I used browser intent and set up the URLs (white list - browser intent or something like that). I already have another URL linked to other website (musician site) and it works fine. But the rate button does not, for some mystical reason

  • Ok, I found out, that for some reason, if you export your game via intel XDK (android corsswalk), the rate button does not work (just a link to website with browser plugin). But if you do it with it works.

    Im not sure, if we would use cocoon because, it has some issues right now, so suggestion how to do it in intel XDK will be still useful

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