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  • No offense, but what's up with that controller? It looks like it's not even functional. And where are prototypes and things we should be seeing outside of a 3d rendered picture?

    And who would buy a console because it plays HTML5 content? And PS4, Wii U, and Xbox One will have HTML5 support... so... who is it that you are trying to market this to?

  • of course it's not serious project. It's quite similar to guy who wanted to raise 400$ for C2 tutorials website and he has many years of game dev experience :)

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  • I would like to see a video of someone using one of these things.

    If this is a real device, and it uses pure HTML5 I have no problem making a port to it.

    From what little I understand about the hardware described here, I really cant see any "saleable" features.

    You guys might want to hold off until Steam OS is released. Then you guys can build from that for specialty markets like HTML5 only or whatever.

    I am going to be building my own SteamOS box 8) .

  • NotionGames - last I heard PS4 will not have HTML5 support at launch. Here's to hoping that they add it later down the line though.

    I do think however that if your main selling point is that it runs HTML5 games, then I'm pretty sure the XBox One will support HTML5 games with self-publishing. Firefox OS for a console is a nice twist, but does it add enough value?

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