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  • Hello everyone .

    I'm Adrian Marshal . A few days ago , published a post with information about a project in which I and other members of our group got along for a while now .

    HoC is an HTML5-based console using Firefox OS operating system. HoC will be designed from a plate rapsberry pi, using a controller that is designed based on a wireless keyboard .

    Use a plate Rapsberry Pi and Firefox OS to build our HoC console allows us to produce copies at low cost , and to bring them to market at a very affordable price ( Less than 70 � ) .

    Furthermore , designing a gamepad , based on a conventional keyboard, do permit developers to create an application for HoC even easier than using another controller ripo .

    Will promote a version of HoC for developers using Construct 2 as SDK , since we ourselves use Construct 2 to develop future applications for HoC .

    Since it is a project that requires considerable cost besides and hard work, we have created a funding program .

    Anyone who participates in the financing of HoC HoC receive a copy before its release , just as he has finished the production of this .

    You can see it here:

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  • I really dont like the controller. But the idea with the rasberry pi is pretty cool, could I also use my own rasberry and just install your software ?

  • Unfortunately the only HoC software is designed for it, even if it will be possible to use other applications simultaneously in HoC HTML5 devices and other platforms. HoC is an open source console. Any person may work on it.

    The controller design is a design still BETA that eventually, will be changed.

  • While this sound like a good idea, like the Ouya was in the beginning, I'm affraid it would suffer the same fate : dead on arrival. Now that tablets do 3d, have a huge library of apps, can be hooked up to TVs and support controllers, those low end consoles don't really have any reason to exist anymore.

    Edit: Granted, tablet are more expensive, but they can offer a lot more

  • HoC is not intended just to play, firefox OS allows for much more, so using this operating system, not one that simply allows us to use it as a game. Ouya was also frowned upon, and now just have to see your success.

  • I really don't see how you can ship a working console for only $4000. OUYA got somewhere in the range of $8,500,000 and is still considered a failure.

  • The HoC production is of this low cost. We are talking about using a plate as base and cost rapsberry pi and is just of $ 20/25.

    Ouya to come and even the Spanish market, I see what your failure.

  • What kind of fps are you getting, and have you got C2 games running on it?

    I would be extremely skeptical at using a Pi. Sure its a great little board and all but it lacks the power, and memory to run both the os, and Boot to Gecko.

    Plus everything I've read about Raspberry Pi running Html5 is bad, but that was usually using the stock Linux browser, which takes up very little memory.

  • Good luck!

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  • Not only can run applications produced with construct 2, if not all HTML5 content. Firefox OS works properly on Rapsberry Pi and a very good performance with HTML5. Proof of this can be found eg in this video:

  • You should probably do a little more research.

  • While I do think the general idea is kind of cute, I do have concerns with this project.

    Is it going to be anything more than a regular Raspberry Pi in a special case that comes with a pre-installed Firefox OS sd card? I don't see how this qualifies as an actual console to be honest.

    I don't mean to bust balls, but I would have really liked to see a more fleshed out campaign that included a video and better english translation.

  • "Use a plate Rapsberry Pi and Firefox OS to build our HoC console allows us to produce copies at low cost , and to bring them to market at a very affordable price ( Less than 70 ? )"

    for this money you can get:

    • used Xbox 360 or PS3 or
    • new quad core tablet (like Onda, Colorfly) with 1GB Ram, strong GPU and 1280x800 7 inch IPS screen or
    • new mobile phone with 5 inch IPS screen, 960x640 and fast dual core CPU

    Ouya got his chance and it was fail. People will not believe such story again :)

    Anyway: description looks quite unprofessional

    "HoC dimensions will not be more than 12 cm long, 7 meters wide and 4 high" - not more than 7 metres wide? quite big :)

    So what's for HTML5 future? I guess if TIZEN will succed, then some people will play on full screen via Tizen mobiles/tablets

  • Yeah and I don�t see why I should buy it, I could just take my raspberry and install your software on it.

    And what I have heard, FireFox OS is totally laggy on the Rasberry. How should it be possible to have a good working Firefox OS + a runing Game on the raspberry pi ?

    Looks very unprofessionel sry.

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