problems with geolocation.

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  • hi guys,, i`m having some problems with geolocation.

    It works on brownser , but doens`t work in android.

    Some months ago was working, but doesn`t work more.

    I`m cheking geolocation box in exportation on C2, compiling with cocoon using core-geolocation plugin.

    Did some one have a similar problem?

  • i have similar issue...

    geolocation tested from https server works on iPhone but not on adroid

    Does anyone have sucess with this?

  • Any updates on this? I have a client that wants me to do a geolocation, (geofencing) and I don't want to speak too soon.

  • I tried to do a test app, and don't see Geolocation in the export permissions like the tutorial shows. So I take that as a sign it doesn't work...

  • I've just encountered the same problem.

    I was able to get geolocation permission just fine when exporting as an Android Studio Project and building my apk from there but today I tried switching over to (because I was getting annoyed with AS) and building my apk there which solved some problems but introduced the problem of not having access to geolocation.

    I'm guessing it is actually a cocoon issue because it was working in AS but I also switched from downloading as an AS Project to HTML5. So that might be it.

    Still doing some testing to figure out where the actual problem is.

  • So, I was unable to figure this out using Cocoon. Decided to just use AS moving forward and am having no problems.

  • Hi guys,

    i had same problem here.

    in the early of 2018, the geolocation works on mobile (testing on android device),

    but few days ago, it didn't work anymore on my android device which worked before.

    in the C2 project, I DID NOT change anything, so I guess it's impossible that my C2 project that gone wrong and made the geolocation didn't work anymore right now.

    anyone with any solutions?

  • Frankly, i'w set geolocation based on IP and thats the best i'w managed so far on Android.

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  • I solved. The problem was in the geolocation plugin version on cocoon.

    But we can`t select some older version on cocoon configurations.

    So I posted in gitbhub an older version of geolocation plugin, and it`s work.

    Link to the plugin -

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