Preview on lan/ipad2 issues

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  • When i preview my game in my iPad2 with LAN preview, i'm getting a smooth and solid 50 FPS, but when hosted in my site the FPS drops to 10(in iPad2), is there a reason for the discrepancy?My other games in my site are performing very well, and even my physics games are smoother in my iPad2. Should PREVIEW ON LAN have the same performance than a website?Any thoughts?


  • That's weird, I get the exact opposite. With my projects, preview on LAN has terrible performance compared to the exported HTML on a website (like 100 sprites at 60 fps via preview vs 400 sprites at 60 fps via export).

    It is on an ipad 3 though, I wonder if that makes a difference.

  • Thanks for the answer Arima.Yes it is weird, and the main purpose of "preview on lan" is to test if the game works well on the device, but in my case is useless because the discrepancy is huge.

  • This is a weird result because like Arima says exported projects should be slightly faster (they do less checks for errors). Can you link us to your published game on your website and/or share your .capx? Also, is it the same across all browsers you've tried?

  • Ashley here's the game.

    In the main menu you can choose normal version or tablet version.The tablet version have almost none animations and effects/particles etc, and it runs very well(45/50 fps)in my iPad2 with LAN preview, but the hosted version runs at 15/20fps.These results are only with my iPad2 and Safari.

    Pc version in Firefox, Chrome, etc, are all ok.


  • cesisco - I tested on both an iPad 2 and iPad 3 running iOS 6, and they both got a solid 60 FPS in Tablet mode. So I cannot reproduce any performance problem at all, it appears to run very well.

  • Weird, it seems the problem is with my iPad2 then?

    By the way, the audio doesn't work anymore for me with R107 in Safari, or it is only with me, if yes, i think there is something wrong with my iPad definitely.


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  • cesisco - are you sure you're running iOS 6? It is faster and has better audio support.

  • cesisco - are you sure you're running iOS 6? It is faster and has better audio support.

    Ashley yes i'm running iOS 6, the problem is that yesterday the audio was ok with R102, i can install r102 again and test.

  • Ashley i was running the game from home screen(duh), in the browser it runs at 60fps, but if i add to home screen again it become very slow again.

  • cesisco - you're right, it seems slow here as well on iPad 2 and 3 when running from the home screen. That's odd and I can't really say why that is... Space Blaster touch edition seems to work OK from the home screen, and can still reach 60 FPS, although it does seem a little slower overall especially when lots of enemies are on screen. I think it must be a problem with iOS.

  • cesisco : Safari can benefit from the Nitro JIT for Javascript, but not the UIWebView, nor webapps saved on home screen, even if they are "loaded back" with Safari.

  • Thanks Oh ,it seems like home screen is a mini wrapper ...

  • Pode - I've read iOS 5 introduced Nitro for home screen web apps. So it ought to be fast still. Home screen web apps don't use UIWebView, it's more like a real version of Safari.

  • I don't know how much people use "add to home screen" feature, but if someone play this particular game i posted in that mode, they will think the game is crap, for sure.

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