Preview on lan/ipad2 issues

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  • cesisco - would you mind pming a link to the game and capx so I could poke at it?

  • Arima tks but actually this happens in all the games i add to home screen(in space blaster touch, i'm getting 10fps in home screen), it is not an issue with my game only,my game runs very well, 60fps in safari browser.

  • Arima here's the game link if you like to test in home screen

  • Thanks, but without the capx I can't poke at it to try to find what the problem is. Can you pm it to me?

    I tried my sprite test on the home screen and got the same performance.

  • Hmm - interesting, it actually does happen with a game I'm making but not much with the sprite test. Definitely seems to be a JavaScript execution speed problem of some sort rather than rendering.

  • Ashley : you're right ! With iOS5, home screen webapps have the same right to access Nitro than inside Safari. My memories are playing games with me...

  • Arima, do you still want to dig into my capx, or you will test with your own game?


  • Pode - it's still odd because like Arima says the performance looks like JS execution is indeed slower. I wonder what's going on here?

  • Ashley : I don't have any device with iOS6, so I can't test. However, I know that for ap added to homescreen, things are managed differently than iOS5. Particularly, the cache manifest is dealt differently (now every webapp has her own sandbox, like a regular app). But with that new feature there are some new bugs (like no geolocation for webapp to homescreen), and various bug associated.

    Can Arima test a game, removing the cache manifest at the head of the HTML page ? If it doesn't allow you to save files to homescreen, I suppose that files need to be saved with IndexedDB (adding more problems...)

    If the problems aren't related, that can be anything...

  • cesisco - no, since it happens in my game as well I can just use my own.

    Pode - do you mean this part? <html manifest="offline.appcache"> I tried deleting it but it had the same problem (and I uploaded to a new directory to make sure it didn't run an old cached version).

  • Ashley Arima Pode I tried this change "<meta name="apple-mobile-web-app-capable" content="no" />" and my game runs at 60 fps from Home screen but of course this is not a webapp, more like a shortcut.

  • Arima : thanks for the test. It seems the bug isn't related to that, then...

    cesisco : I saw people on stackoverflow doing the same to get FPS back. But it's not a long-term solution. So somebody needs to filla bug at Apple.

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  • Apparently people have, and apple's done nothing about it. I've found articles talking about developers thinking it's a conspiracy by apple to sabatoge web apps because then apple doesn't get the 30% cut from the App Store. :P

    I found a page which mentions something that might explain it:

    "The real answer is about security. Perhaps the biggest reason for Nitro?s performance improvements over WebKit?s previous JavaScript engine is the use of a JIT ? ?Just-In-Time? compilation? A JIT requires the ability to mark memory pages in RAM as executable, but, iOS, as a security measure, does not allow pages in memory to be marked as executable. This is a significant and serious security policy. Most modern operating systems do allow pages in memory to be marked as executable ? including Mac OS X, Windows, and (I believe) Android1. iOS 4.3 makes an exception to this policy, but the exception is specifically limited to Mobile Safari."

    That was iOS 4.3 though, so I'm not sure it applies anymore. It sounds plausible though that the extra security could be hampering nitro. Anyone know?

  • I hope this could be solved soon and it is not a conspiracy, because games running at 60 FPS with well designed icons in Home Screen would be as appelative as iOS native games.

  • just throwing my 2 cents in: I personally haven't had any issues with Preview on LAN or play testing my index.html files after exporting. I am getting a smooth 58/60. Granted, I don't have a huge project just yet, but no performance issues at all.

    Every once in a WHILE it dips to 49 or so, but that's extremely rare.

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