Possible early stable update

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  • Hi folks,

    We don't normally do stable updates this soon, but I'm thinking of getting a new stable release out and then dedicating the next beta cycle to the new multiplayer engine, which will likely take lots of work and testing to get running smoothly given the size and complexity of the feature.

    Since we might do a stable release slightly earlier than expected, please make sure you've posted any bug reports you've noticed in r161. As far as I'm aware there's only one current regression in r161 where some shaders may appear slightly different, but apart from that there are no other reports so it looks like r161 is good to go as a stable - unless anyone has noticed any issues but not told us. So please let us know otherwise the issue might not be fixed in time.

    If you haven't tested above r158.2 I'd encourage you to give r161 a spin - as far as we know it's pretty solid, and it can be awkward if we receive an important bug report just after a stable update.


  • do do do

  • Yes yes ! Multiplayer cycle !

  • Yah, i think it's a good choice. I have no problem using r161 so far.

  • Go for stable.

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  • No problems here. r161 seems very stable.

  • R161 is working very well here ;o Last betas have been very stable too

    Can�t wait for multiplayer ;]

  • I'm taking bets on when the first flappy bird multiplayer will be out.

  • newt Seems to be a demand for MultiFlappy, have you seen the two guys playing Minecraft Flappy Chicken?

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  • I realise I'm in the minority here, but personally think the race for multiplayer by the forum masses is ill thought out, if its at the cost of general C2 stability, overall performance and future features...

    Once adopted I can see a great deal of time being dedicated to the updates and bug fixes on the multiplayer side, leaving other more important features left basking on the to-do list...

    Show me a game more than one person wants to play first...

  • That's like what the guy said to Alexander Graham Bell, "Show me the need to talk over a wire when we already have telegraph."

    In other words, there is no demand, because there isn't much out there to build the audience.

    Me and my friends play multiplayer games every Thursday. The choices are poor.

  • I still prefer local multiplayer with my friends. However, I have been wanting to make a game similar to Twinkle Star Sprites, and having online multiplayer would be a nice benefit :).

  • ArcadEd

    I have missed the memo about whether this multilayer will be local, online or both. Which of these is it?


  • ArcadEd We are in the same room, we each have a separate PC. Mini LAN parties. However there's always at least one playing from elsewhere.

  • This is awesome! I can't wait to implement this into my game! I have been designing my game to support such a thing from the beginning, and the day has almost finally come :D

    Here's a video of my game that I will be putting this in to if anyone is interested!:


    As God once said, "Hopefully, this will have been worth the wait!".

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