Possibility to publish to steam with C2?

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  • I was reading this article http://www.develop-online.net/news/upda ... am/0194370 and it got me wondering how possible is it to reach steam with a C2 game?

    I imagine that there is some kind of API that steam provides developers and I don't see steam export as an option. However I realize NodeJS let's us make a proper EXE / APP file, but I imagine Steam requires more than you just uploading an EXE file.

    Has anyone published to Steam with C2?



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  • The steam API as far as I know is an option, not a requirement, and I know there are already C2 games on steam, however I do not know if any of them uses steam particular functionnalities

  • ok cool so you CAN just make an EXE and list it.

    but it seems there is no steam plugin right? I couldn't find anything in my googling.

    I'm surprised there isn't official steam support as an export option and/or behavior/plugin support to leverage that, but regardless it's great to hear it's possible to get something on steam!

  • There are 5 C2 games that I know of currently released on Steam - read here

    None of them have achievements, so probably don't have the Steamworks API implemented but as has been said, that is just optional - the only real requirements are that it runs from an EXE and doesn't break Steam. You still need to get through Greenlight though.

    I believe another HTML5 game that used node-webkit did have Steamworks implemented and there was some discussion about the possibility of making an unofficial plug-in for C2 but I don't think anything came of it.

    Steam probably won't be added as a specific export option for C2 until some time after submitting a game to Steam becomes as easy as submitting an app to the Google Play store.

    EDIT: found the discussion about Steamworks plug-in -

  • that's way cool to hear, though i'm definitely one of those people that would require it be a C2 plugin to make good use of it. anything outside of that would be outside of my skill level.

    but regardless I can totally live without those other features starting out. things can be internal also, like achievements and such, but obviously not as powerful as being able to share them with steam friends.. the big thing is just making sure something can actually make it to the store and not get rejected.

    Yes of course greenlight is another concern as well, but seeing the sheer number of games being released now, it seems the bar is getting lower for whatever reason. I know a number of developers here in Boston who are on steam now through early access.



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