Most popular construct 2 game?

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  • I was wondering if someone with construct 2 ever made a big blockbuster game. Like a game on steam or something....

  • Mortar Melon, The Next Penelope, Airscape, Cosmochoria, and Star Nomad 1 & 2 have all released on Steam and other big marketplaces off the top of my head. I'm not sure how much they actually sold, so maybe not blockbusters, but really good games with big releases nonetheless.

  • Super Ubie Island remix releasing on steam jan 15th

  • Lots of games on Steam and other platforms. For Steam you can track the (rough) stats of how many people own a game with sites like SteamSpy:

    The Next Penelope:


    Insanity's Blade:

    Some middle-man companies also use Construct 2 to develop HTML5 templates or games on behalf of other clients, including web games and mobile games.

    "Big blockbuster" is not what I would really describe any of the desktop C2 games as though, as we found even with Insanity's Blade that there are major issues with Node Webkit export of larger games, causing issues in Linux and MacOSX exports, and also issues with updating past r192 and NW 10.5.

    Is it still a good tool to use for making your indie titles? Yep! <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile">

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  • Steamspy is usually a good indication for how many games where sold to what price.

    I saw 2 -3 games making 100.000 USD. Not to chabby I guess.

  • as we found even with Insanity's Blade that there are major issues with Node Webkit export of larger games, causing issues in Linux and MacOSX exports, and also issues with updating past r192 and NW 10.5.

    Is it still a good tool to use for making your indie titles? Yep!

    What kind of major issues were these?

  • My game, soon.

  • Jayjay I'm also interested to hear more, can you be more specific? What issues were there and were you able to overcome them? Any things that come to mind I should avoid in general to avoid pitfalls later on when compiling/porting? This sounds very worrying in regards to my current project, also I've updated C2 way past r192:(

  • Zebbi Waltuo Linux and Mac OSX ports stopped working entirely for us towards the end of development, but our game was also over 500MB at export by that point and nearly 2000 files after all the art, sounds, and music was exported.

    Greenworks (Steam achievements and overlay plugin) seems to be getting an update soon, but currently it still does not support the latest Node-JS versions at all it seems:

    The platform behavior seems to have changed between v192 and new versions of Construct 2 which causes our player to be unable to jump at times or fall through floors. This may be because the project has gone through so many updates of C2/is so old that it perhaps is doing things differently to how Construct 2 wants to work now, but re-coding nearly 26,000 events is just not feasible (lots and lots of enemies, two player mode with multiple characters on top of the singleplayer mode, arcade mode and story mode, lots of levels, custom control binding, soundtrack selection, etc all add to that total).

    Changing from Node-Webkit 10.5 to NodeJS for testing new releases we still notice the "jank"/lag issues and game logic glitches, so we end up reverting to NW10.5 for patches and updates to the game.

    The biggest problem we have though is explaining these issues to customers. They don't understand why they have much better than "recommended specs" and get lag and jank and characters falling through floors, and the cause could be anything like "Your AMD GPU is high-powered but older than WebGL", "Your computer is running Google Chrome at the same time as the game", "You are running screen capture software/streaming it".

    The issues will probably be unnoticed in most small to average sized games, but large games (aka: so large we had to hack our Windows registry to allow more UI handles), seem to be a real stretch to make work in Construct 2, and even more so to make them work at export (we had to change a few flags in NW10.5's exporter to also get a few frames more performance/work with Greenworks).

    Also as a side note, WiiU doesn't support WebGL so it is quite a performance hit compared to desktops.

  • Becareful to avoid jumping to conclusion with a wrong analysis using Steamspy, as most would assume "X units sold/owned and $Y prices = X * Y = $$!!" and think "woooah, they make a lot!!"...

    A lot of games on Steam and other stores go through major sales and bundles, so be more realistic in your estimate.

    You can make money with C2 games on Steam. It's very much up to you and your game since the barriers aren't there to prevent you from reaching success.

    Well, except for broken MAC/Linux exports... :p But those are a very small % of the market.

  • I agree with that. Steamspy is fairly accurate for me. My old Angvik game has sold about 37,000 units but steamspy says around 41k. Not sure how much money I've made, though its less than the units sold since I tend to sell it cheaply.

  • What is a blockbuster in this context? With indies/smallest developer groups we won't ever see triple a titles. For me, it is already a huge success that so many games made it onto Steam! It would be interesting to see, where C2 stands compared to other game maker software regarding Steam publishing.

  • interesting tool steamspy... yea good insight... if u want to know the sales number and not actual profit... which is a different dish ...

  • Probably "There is no game."

  • Jayjay thanks for your reply, sounds like a big ole mess with million possible causes and combinations and quite scary frankly, hopefully you were able to sort it out somehow in the end.

    Looks like I have to try to keep my object/event count tightly in check, test as often as possible with different machines and expect the unexpected..

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