Can you make a point-and-click style game?

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  • Can you make a traditional point-and-click style game with Construct2? I really need to know before I buy it, because I plan on mostly making those. And if it is possible, does anyone have any tips for making them I might need to know?

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  • Hi welcome to Construct 2. Yes of course, IMO it's very suited to that style of game. I have done a bit in that area but there are others who will have much more experience. But overall I don't think the advice will be much different from most other styles. A heavy, fast action/effect type game is another matter.

  • As long as you realize there's going to be A LOT of variables, it should be quite easy especially compared to other solutions. so if you have it all planned out implementing it in C2 should be a (relative) breeze.

  • Okay, thanks!

  • Before purchasing, just download the free version and try to create a simple prototype.

    If you get stuck, ask the helpful users of this forum.

    If it turns out it isn't quite appropriate, then all you have wasted is a little time.

    Good luck.

  • Check The Blue Code Game. It's a PnC game.

  • While I personally find it sensible to use engines that are specifically made for point & click adventures (such as Visionaire Studio, for example), I have made a few point & click things myself in Construct2, mostly educational games.

    The reasons why I chose Construct2 for those products over Visionaire (even though we own licenses for the latter, too):

    • The licensing model, and specifically the licensing of mobile outputs is very convenient
    • You always have the option to publish a web ready version that runs in a browser without any plugins, if a client should request it (happened to us, *after* the project was done, so if we had made it in visionaire, we would have had to reimplement the whole thing for HTML5)
    • far superior handling of mobile specific problems, like touch input

    You will have a large initial chunk of work to get done, to implement a lot of convenient functionality required by point & click style games, like inventory, dialogue systems, some sort of a state machine, but C2 is able to do that.. it's just not available out of the box, you need to build it up from smaller pieces.

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