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  • Because reading one more cocoonJS issue is going to drive me insane...

  • Reading one more thing about exporters in general will drive me insane -w- C2 itself has been sort of stagnant for months.

  • Yep, wish they stopped adding exporters for new platforms with minimal user share: tizen(?), windows phone, etc...

    Ashley should focus on iOS...

  • There a project file can help you

    Follow these steps.

    However, you need a mac to compile .ipa using Xcode and .apk using android sdk from devkit of Gameclosure by command line, it's easy to use command line in mac and linux, but Windows... It needs extra installs as own terminal version of windows.

    Ashley has never answered about GameClosure

  • i opened a similar topic a week before.but i dont care more voices better results.history proves that..dont have the chance to take an answer from ashley either..

    Joannesalfa have you try it with your own game?if yes please can you make an tutorial for absolute newbies like me? i dont have a mac.i try it via windows and gitbash i opened the gameclosure sdk in the browser but cames the to import the html5 how to export it.its difficult i think (for me sure it is for sure)

  • spy84 I'm currently very busy at work until next month, I could compile my own latest game with Android SDK (I don't have iOS developer account, needs provision file to compile .ipa), I've installed DevKit and worked like a charm, it uses own scripting instead of pure javascript but it works with any HTML5 game, it need to modify some settings, I will give a try.

  • I would love to see a game closure exporter but can understand that it's probably not as easy to do as you might think. I wish this was something we could crowd fund or something

  • Game Closure blog of porting Space-Blaster

    Seems like the things needed to convert it to Game Closure would be upon-export. Hopefully it wouldn't be too much and I do not know how much information in the SDK there is on Exporters.

    But the GC people back in March/April proved it possible. They gave C2 praise and I don't see why they wouldn't make an exporter themselves if given proper documentation, or even assist Scirra if exporter SDK info is protected.

  • Thndr thank you for that link! I'll have to try these steps to see if I can port some of my games.

  • Yep, wish they stopped adding exporters for new platforms with minimal user share: tizen(?), windows phone, etc...

    Ashley should focus on iOS...

    I have to agree with this a lot. We have small markets that get better exports than the main mobile OS. I'm not livid about it, but the levels of dissapointment that these tiny shares get better attention than IOS and Android. It's just gah inspire to the gah squared :(

  • spy84 jayderyu

    I can somehow understand anti-iOS/Android-native-exporter Ashley's attitude, but I don't get why Construct 2 don't have professional support for mobile ad networks.

  • Tried gameclosure on android.

    On my main project it seems like CocoonJS 1.0. Same problems with tiledbackgrounds (sometimes they simply not end where they are supposed to end) and a disappointing performance. For example if you use a black 2x2 tile to create a fadeout effect the framerate drops to 2-3FPS.

    On another project with an insane amount of sprites and no tiledbackgrounds at all it runs like the new CocoonJS on steroids.

    As Ashley said, domless engines are really a pain. Too many limitations and even if you have a standard compliant code like c2 exported js you can't expect it to run like it does on real browsers.

    I'm really curious about phonegap + kitkat chromium based webview, this could be a milestone for c2 developers targeting android devices.

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  • Trying to follow the instructions for this is crazy. It's like i'm working backwards. First I edit my html, then I install GITHub, then I install Game Closure...

    I hope they do make a plugin, as their tutorials are for people who appear to have some kind of knowledge of programming or web editing.

    5) replacing everything in resources/media/ with the audio assets from your game

    update the AudioManager in Application.js accordingly

    First part - Check

    Second part... care to share how?

    To download the Game Closure DevKit, issue the following commands at the terminal:

    What on earth is the terminal? Where do I find the terminal?!?!?!

    Sorry, just venting... and giving up. Back to slow Cocoon I go with slumped shoulders and a heavy heart.

    Wouldn't be such a problem had my game not been finished for almost 2 weeks now!

  • What on earth is the terminal? Where do I find the terminal?!?!?!

    The terminal is GIT BASH.

    To work with GC you "simply" have to follow these steps.

    1) Follow all these instructions.

    Ignore for now the android related part.

    2) Once you have installed everything make sure that GC is running correctly.

    Open a git-bash terminal and type

    $ basil init c2test

    3) If everything is going right you'll find a new folder called C2TEST under the devkit folder

    (it should be located at c:\users\yourname\devkit\c2test)

    4) Now go to the scblaster demo repo on github.

    And click on download as ZIP.

    5) Unzip the content in the c2test folder. .

    6) Export your C2 game to HTML5 standard.

    Replace c2test/src/c2runtime.js with the c2runtime.js generated by Construct 2 for your game

    Replace everything in c2test/resources/images/ with the image assets from your game

    Replace everything in resources/media/ with the audio assets from your game and update the AudioManager in Application.js with the name of your sound files. (You can skip the audio part if you want just a quick performance test on your phone)

    7) Return to the git-bash terminal and write

    $ cd ./c2test

    $ basil serve

    8) Open chrome and type http://localhost:9200.

    You'll see the GC web interface up and running.

    Click on the project c2test and then click to simulate.

    Enjoy your simulated app on the simulator.

    9) Once you have the simulator up and running you'll probably want to export your game as an android apk.

    10) Install the android sdk. The instrucions on GC site are unclear because they refer to the mac version.

    Go here :

    Download SDK tools and run the installer.

    When the installer has completed it will show you the window you can find here: (Figure : All the checked items are required for android installation.).

    Check the required items and then accept the license.

    11) Install the android ndk. You can find it here:

    Unzip it where you want :-)

    12) Set now the android environment paths (following the instructions on the link posted at point 1)

    13) Open Git-Bash and type

    $ basil install native-android

    14) Go to your c2test app folder and edit the manifest.json file to force landscape or portrait orientation and edit the name of your application.

    15) Return to Git-Bash

    $ cd ./c2test

    $ basil debug native-android

    16) Go to the folder C:\Users\yourname\devkit\c2test\build\debug\native-android and you'll find the exported apk. Install it on your phone and enjoy a choppy, useless and really irritating version of your game exported with gameclosure! <img src="smileys/smiley32.gif" border="0" align="middle">

  • I'm just wondering if anyone has tried Intel XDK New yet? I was meant to try it, but I have been in Nam for a while.

    The old Intel XDK was grand apart from a black screen glitch, so maybe they have fixed that. It might be worth checking out before getting too involved with GC.

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