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  • I'm just wondering if anyone has tried Intel XDK New yet? I was meant to try it, but I have been in Nam for a while.

    Just tried. It works on android. Even with directcanvas (now called app game interface) turned on.

    Unfortunately the framerate is horrible as ever.

    CocoonJS is miles ahead in terms of performance. Despite the bad ads support and the never solved audio bugs it's still the best wrapper out there.

  • for me it didnt work (android phone and tablet), diagonal grey lines again.maybe i did something wrong but if Knifegrinder test it and xdk dissapointed him i dont see any reason to start using it again.

  • what do you think Ashley has in mind in the latest Scirra blog post ( under "Improved Android exporting")? Excited to hear what this is about.

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  • Knifegrinder,

    I follow your instruction, and working on GaneClosure simulate, but when I checked index.html(file path: MyGameName\build\debug\native-android) file in browser, it working on there and firfox'firbug show me

    SyntaxError: illegal character

    ...te _;return function $$src_c2runtime(){// Generated by Construct 2, the HTML5...

    and in browser it show me black screen...............

    and I build it for .apk

    with the help of this code( basil install native-android).

    and run it on my google nexus 5 phone just show splash screen.......... so can you tell me where is the wrong........

  • Hi rob, unfortunately i trashed gc on my pc long time ago so i can't investigate properly your issue.

    However i see those "" charachters that make me think that you're having an issue with BOM UTF-8 encoding.

    I really don't know how c2runtime.js file is encoded during an export since i never had an issue with it, my empirical suggestion is to open your c2runtime.js file with an advanced text editor (ex. Notepad++) and save it with the �Encode as UTF-8 without BOM� option.

    Here's an explanation of what seems to be your problem.

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