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  • Does anyone here have a Playbook?

    It turns out the OS 2.1 (currently in beta) is 3x faster than OS 2.0. I just tried it on my Playbook and our performance test flies and gets a great average framerate of 30 fps. It previously only got 9! This makes it a potentially very good target for publishing games. I've updated our mobile performance test blog post with the new result.

    If you have a Playbook you can opt in to the 2.1 beta update here:

    You should see your games running way faster after the update.

    In theory PhoneGap should be able to publish games as native apps to the Playbook, and apparently unlike iOS PhoneGap doesn't kill the framerate - it should be just as good. Unfortunately I haven't figured out a way to test an app without publishing it all the way to the App World. I'll investigate further tomorrow. However, I'm interested if anyone has something ready for submission to the App World and if they'd be willing to submit and share their experiences. I've heard App World apps make more money than on the Android App Store, so it would be an interesting experiment if someone has an evening free to try this.

  • Have a Playbook but no C2 game ready yet!!!

  • I thought that using WebWorks on Blackberry you would not need something like Phonegap.

    am I wrong in assuming that?

  • bjadams You need the blackberry SDK to make games for the playbook. Export the game as HTML5 on construct 2 and then convert the resulting directory with bbwp

    Ashley Right now I'm working on a game for the Playbook but I don't know how to add some functionalities via javascript.

  • I got a PlayBook too and I'm very interested in releasing my C2 game (still in the early stages of development) on that platform. If there's any news/suggestion on how to proceed, please keep us updated!


  • This is good news, HTML5 is really starting to be more and more widespread.

  • I hope the next update for xbox the Internet explorer have html5 support, would be SO AWESOME see our games in the TV and even better.. with a controller support..

  • I like how the game is looking on HTML5, besides it looks very easy to port it to another plataforms (Windows 8, iOS, Android)...

  • Ashley Hi I was wondering if you were able to make a game work using construct 2 for the playbook?? Im very very interested in this. Also was wondering if you had something to test out on blackberry 10. I have an alpha device which RIM gave out with the latest OS last week, which will be very close to what they are going to release when RIM releases their new phones and I wanted to test out a game to see if it runs ok. Also to see that the sound works. Technically using phone gap it should spit out a .bar file but maybe u have already done this. I would love to test out a game. Im not really a developer but I'm the owner of a website where I review application for the playbook and future blackberry 10 applications. My website is called If it works I would like to write something up that talks about using construct 2 to make html5 games for the blackberry 10 platform and also do some tutorials that can be posted here and on have connections with RIM and if this works it would be huge for the blackberry developer community and also for SCIRRA :)

    Thank you Ron

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  • Wow, very insteresting ronval

    I'm just wondering too about construct 2 game in BB10/Playbook OS 2.1

    Anyone have tested it?

    One question, how to install .bar file from phonegap build to BlackBerry 10 Device Alpha?

    I want to test it before i publish to BB AppWorld.

    Thx for reply

  • you can side load it into the device what kind of computer are u using i know how to do it for mac

  • also if u want i can also try to test it on my alpha device. send me a personal message if ur interested :)

  • you can side load it into the device what kind of computer are u using i know how to do it for mac

    ronval i'm using Lenovo G450 Notebook with OS Windows 8 RTM Enterprise Evaluation (90-days free trial).

    What kind of softwares or SDK that i must install on my PC to do that?(install .bar to my BB10 Dev Alpha)

  • ohhh i just also remembered that there are instructions here :)

    and if you use an apple computer here are the instruction for that

    I know it says android apps but its the same if u have ur own app that u made. if u have questions about the mac version i can help with that

  • Wow, good reference.

    Thanks bro, i will try it :)

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