Platform player falling through solid object ?

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  • So i'm making this game for both web & android, but while testing it on 2 android devices I had this bug that only occured a couple of times (1 out of 10 games).

    The player is basically falling through the floor while landing after a jump.

    It happens in the browser on the phone aswell as in a packed apk from phonegap.

    I did NOT had this bug while testing the game on my PC.

    Here is a link to a page which contains both (apk and/or browser version):

    Is this a bug, could this be due to some 'framedrops' on the phone or is this badly evented?

  • We can't see your events unless you upload your .capx file, can you share it?

    Check your collision masks, are they all reasonably thick? Objects can sometimes pass through really small collision masks at low framerates.

  • Basically my walls have the solid behaviour (they have a height and width of minimum 32 pixels)

    and the player object has the platform movement behaviour.

    Adding the solid behaviour to my player object didn't helped either.

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  • The Collision Mask is not the dimensions of your object. In the Image editor on tools panel to the left, at the bottom is the image of dots connected by lines. That tool defines your collision mask. When selected you will see a series of red dots over your image, connected by deep blue lines and the internal area coloured with a light blue. That is your collision area.

    What Ashley is asking, is that the collision mask too small.

    Also you should double check to see if your object and players have Collision Enabled. That option is found in the Object Properties, near the bottom.

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