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  • Hello C2 community!

    I have some questions if you are kind to reply:

    1. Mobile (iOS and Android) physics performance

    I've seen this comparison posted in 08/07/2012.

    Clearly it shows that C2 underperforms on mobiles regarding physics calculations.

    I was wondering if the latest C2 version as overcome this speed/performance issues. I've seen here that harware acceleration was being developed trough cocconjs - this was in Jan 2013...

    2. Implementing own code

    For what I've read I can use Javascript in C2. So do you confirm that I can create my own functions that are not out-of-the-box ?

    3. Mobile hardware access

    Can C2 access mobile devices specific hardware like the camera, gyro, inclinometter, gps, etc ?

    4. External SDK

    Can I use an externa SDK with C2, say like OPENCV for image/patterns recognition ?

    5. Shaders

    Does C2 support including my own shaders ?

    Thank you very much for your reply!

    Best Regards.

  • 1. We're planning to implement CocoonJS's accelerated Box2D physics engine in future. Hopefully this will solve performance issues on mobile.

    2. Yep - see the Javascript SDK

    3. Yep - try the User Media object and Touch object (GPS isn't supported yet, but could be with the Javascript SDK, or we may support it officially in future as well)

    4. That should work with the Javascript SDK, providing it works in Javascript

    5. Yep, also included in the SDK download is a custom effect template.

  • Ashley thanks for the input!

    My main concern is the question 1 regarding performance on iOS and Android devices.

    How close is Construct to achive hardware acceleration ?

    Also can you point me an Android game made with Construct 2 that uses physics and performs well ?

    Thanks !

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  • We can't give an ETA I'm afraid. We have a very long todo list with lots of priorities.

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