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  • hey,

    I am nearly at the end of my game and want it to publish on google play.

    But i can not decide what programm i should use phonegap or crosswalk?

    What are the differences and which is better to use or has more function etc.

    I just want to upload my game on googleplay

  • They are two fundamentally different ways of wrapping html5-games to "apps".

    Crosswalk is basically a full browser engine wrapped into your app, upon which your html5-game then runs.. the advantage is, that it's developed quite far by now - the main disadvantage being, that the app size is quite big, since it squeezes the entire browser into the package.

    Phonegap however is a framework that uses a technology called webview - it uses browser technology already present on the phones to display a html5 page or game like it was an app. It's main problem is that it only recently became really useful.

    So your choice has a few implications. Phonegap only makes sense if you target the very latest phones with android 5 or larger. For anything older than that Crosswalk is the way to go.

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  • Currently Crosswalk due to Chromium, but in Android 5+ (when it becomes more widely used.. which could take a LONG time), both should be just fine, with an edge for PhoneGap due to smaller filesize.

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