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  • Has anyone tried using PhoneGap and had much luck using it?

    It's a free service. By the looks of it, you can download an SDK for iOS, Android and other phones, paste in an exported C2 project, hit build, and you get a native phone app.

    Haven't had time to try it myself but has anyone else? Does it work?

    This is definitely something we'd try to integrate better if it works well with C2 projects!

  • I haven't tried phonegap, though I've tried titanium, which worked but the performance made it ususable (I think it was on an ipod touch 3GS though, not sure about ipod touch 4).

    There's also appmobi, which claims to have a canvas accelerator that boosts performance by 500%:

    Hopefully with hardware acceleration coming soon to iOS HTML5, performance will be improved enough to make games for the platform!

  • i'm going to be making a simple app with c2 to submit to appmobi. but i can try phonegap and appcelerator after that as well. if it goes smoothly, i may write up something about the process.

  • I have a iOS project a friend gave to me that I'm using to test some C2 projects. Performance is terrible so far, tho.

    I can upload it if you guys are interested, but I can only do that tomorrow :P

  • I tried it to check if it could solve a problem with layers I had. And since from what I understand it is one of the few tools that really produces native code, gave it a shot. Performance is slow but at least now I can see my two layers (although it's just a static scene with two sprites). Also tried it with the demo Space Blaster. With Space Blaster nothing is displayed, only a white background with the score, rockets and damage bar, the game definitely works, since the damage bar reduces, but nothing is displayed.

  • Seems like there will be some exciting possibilites on the horizon pretty soon!

    Appmobi even mentions Construct 2 on their site btw:

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  • Oh nice! Hadn't seen that link before, nice find. It's a shame if the games aren't working with these services, though. Maybe some HTML5 features are used that they don't cover yet?

  • Here's the webview XCode project:

    It's very rudimentary, but at least you get to see your C2 project in the iPhone/iPod screen :)

    If you manage to improve it, please post it back to us! :D

  • Hey man, I would say phone gap integration would be a good way to go. It's open source and seems to be widely used. You would probably be able to build in support for their API quite easily. I like the idea of being able to access the phone gap API directly from construct. I would even pay a bit extra for the phone gap integration pack or something similar.

  • I've gotten PhoneGap to work with Construct 2 and made some simple games with this setup. The compatibility is quite good although not entirely working out-of-the-box (as far as I know, sound is still not working). I've written a brief guide on my blog about setting it up, I guess this may help someone out there toying with the idea.

    Maybe I'll post a separate topic about it.

  • Thanks man, thats quite a good head start!

  • Here's the webview XCode project:

    It's very rudimentary, but at least you get to see your C2 project in the iPhone/iPod screen :)

    If you manage to improve it, please post it back to us! :D

    The code seems promising to look at, but the link is broken. Do you still have the archive ?

  • Hi Pode.

    I made a Dropbox cleanup and deleted tons of things in the public folder.

    Anyway, I tested phonegap and their xcode project is more robust and complete. You should definitely try it instead of my workaround!

    ...and there's been some movement in Scirra regarding iOS publishing, they'll probably surprise us once again! [<:o)]

  • : thanks for the quick answer.

    Do you know if the phonegap implementation allows for reliable audio playback ? Because for the moment, when I test code on the ipad, the execution of audio loops and SFX are very unreliable (i.e. it starts after some random delay, or not at all...)

  • From How to make native phone apps with Construct 2 and PhoneGap:

    ur preliminary testing has shown the following:

    - Audio does not yet work on most devices. Further, audio can reduce performance, even though it's not playing. You might want to remove the Audio object and delete all your audio files before exporting to PhoneGap.

    Hopefully this is something we can improve in future.

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