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  • I've been uploding to phonegap:build and messing around trying to get the audio to work by unpacking the .apk and changing pathways. Nothing is working yet on audio for me. Has anyone had any success with this?

    Here's hoping for some good news!!


  • Since the topic has been bumped anyway, I'm playing around with PhoneGap right now (Andy sorry no audio here). Trying to get an Android app to the market.

    Here's my initial feedback:

    1. At least for now, functionality-wise, for me it works.

    2. Permissions: for some reason, the generated app seems to require all possible permissions when installing (GPS access, personal info (read / write contact data), full internet access, storage (modify/delete SD card contents), hardware controls (change audio settings, record audio, take pictures and video), phone calls (read phone state and identity)).

    I think it's a must that these get fixed, as it's unlikely that anybody is going to install a new, not-yet-famous, simple game from the market if it requires all this.

    I can't find where to edit these permissions. Any hints?

    3. Export settings (package name, developer info etc) have to be re-entered every time you export for PhoneGap. It would be nice if Construct 2 remembered them.

    I'll post more issues as I find them. Hopefully someone can help with #2 as I'd like to get an app up-there real quick <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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  • Replying my own post, I (somewhat) figured out #2. You have to edit the generated config.xml file and add this line:

         <preference name="permissions" value="none"/>

    Still, it will probably get overwritten when you regenerate, so an option on the export dialog (ideally one that is remembered - maybe store it in the project?) would be great!

  • No luck with audio in phonegap, so have ditched it for appmobi. Easy to use and sound is working! :-)

  • When I run a simple app through PhoneGap Build, I get a warning about using local files. I followed the phonegap tutorial but it didn't mention anything about this problem.

    The game seems to work, although it's my first game and literally just displays a sprite. PhoneGap doesn't seem to have any way of dealing with multiple screen sizes at all, either.

  • What exact warning did you get hungry4donuts?

    Also you can do all the multiple screen size support on the Construct 2 side, there's no need for PhoneGap to handle that. See Supporting multiple screen sizes.

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