Pathfinding - change speed in perspective

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  • Sorry for google translate )

    In less than a year, I invented the bike and figured out how to change the maximum speed of the Pathfinding in the projection.

    But, since I am not strong in the expressions and drawing up formulas, I ask for the help of the hall)

    The example shows that for the observer the ball moves too fast along the Y axis and slowly along the X axis.

    Initially, I thought about how to change speed relative to these axes and studied isometric examples.

    In isometricity, everything is built on the duplication of layers - the prototype looks for the way through the lower layer, and in the perspective view runs a tethered barrel. This option is not very good, given that the pathfinding functional allows you to make a map of zones and it is better to place this map immediately on the decorative layer. And collisions with moving objects make the task quite complicated.

    All you need is to increase the nominal speed of the X axis relative to Y.

    It is possible and on the contrary, but in my case Y variable and it is better to take it as a constant.

    Depending on the value of the perspective, X must be doubled or tripled.

    This will be true for right angles. 0, 90, 180, 270 degrees. In reality, every tick must be ticked, or every half a second, change the maximum speed with respect to the changing angle of motion. Within these limits: 90 degrees = speed N, 0 degrees = speed N * 3

    Surely there is an easy way to express it)

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