Parse is going away, best-easy database/server alternatives?

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  • So I'm still in shock to learn Parse is going away! Nooooooo!

    So what's a C2 developer to do get similar results? Nothing else out there is like it.

    I have a project I want to work on that requires a back end. Fortunately I have a developer partner who can do just about anything we need, but it's a big question.

    I'm considering Google App Engine but maybe there is something else out there that would be good. We're doing an RPG so you can imagine.. levels.. maybe items.. event results like combat and quests.



  • It depends on the preferred platform.

    Firebase is the current best solution, especially since we have a plug.

    Then it depends on features.

    Gamejolt would be awesome if it wasn't limited to use on the website.

    Then again Pase is opensource, and equivalents will spring up like unknown Marvel heros.

    Perhaps we could grow our own even, its just takes a dedicated server.

  • I have never heard of Firebase and where is the plugin for it?

    I happen to have all of the rex plugins installed which appears to have some firebase things.. but making sure there isn't maybe a more official option?

    Yea what was nice is being able to create the data FROM the client rather than having to build out a system on the back end.

    Great information thanks newt

  • It's just those from Rex. tlarkworthy has one, but I think he's discontinued working on it.

    Google Play may also be viable, but I haven't invested in a license, and use on Ios would probably be frowned upon.

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  • User could install a private parse server on his machine, or heroku.

    Here is a tutorial - ... p-tutorial

    I had tested it and run my plugin with my heroku server.

  • cool yea I have learned about parse being able to be adapted to other servers.. so yea that's good, thanks!

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