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  • Hello. I'm searching for a paid hosting service for my current and future games and also for hosting a website probably.

    I was wondering if you have any personal recommendations? It should have unlimited bandwidth I suppose. I was gonna go with Godaddy but I'd rather see what else is there. Thanks.

    If there are a lot of recommendations I'll edit the first post and make a list.

  • "unlimited bandwidth" does not really exist, do you have any reallistic idea about your monthly average bandwidth usage?

    I have been using for past 3-5 years starting from shared to current VPS, I would recommend them unless you are looking for dedicated server.

  • Yeah I assumed as much about the bandwith but no, I have no idea how much I need, I was gonna start pushing the game to various html5 publishers. Unless I'm wrong, they don't usually host your game right? You have to provide a url.

    Thanks for the recommendation thought, I'll check it.

  • Unless you need a dedicated server Media Temple are probably one of the best hosts out there. They're more expensive than other options, but once you move beyond a basic level of traffic or need support you really do get what you pay for.

    If you're after something more affordable HostGator are also quite good though.

    The exception to that -- which isn't really relevant in this case -- is for blog hosting, when the highly specialised packages offered by Synthesis really wins out.

    Don't pick a host based on unlimited bandwidth -- you don't need it and they don't really provide it.

    Oh, and the above aren't affiliate links -- and you should be wary of any host recommended with one. Not everyone will give you bad advice just to make a quick buck, but sometimes you might get a bad recommendation when money is involved. <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle">

  • I wouldn't recommend godaddy. I ended up choosing a yearly unlimited plan. It's so far great for my needs except the MySQL version is very outdated. This makes security much more of an issue. When I inquired about upgrading to the current version they have no expected date. They also do not allow streaming such as the node.js

  • I cannot recommend GoDaddy for anything; we recently moved all our DNS servers away from them even though it was difficult because they're such a bad company to deal with. GoDaddy are cheapest for some services, but it is absolutely totally worth paying more simply to avoid them.

  • Amen Ashley,

    OMG I wish I knew then what I know now. Ohh well my term is up in another 6 months. Then it's off to find a decent company. :)

  • I've been using

    They're a "Low End Box" type of provider, but I haven't had any issues with them so far. You can find coupon codes that can give you quite a deal. I currently have a virtual box that normally costs $14.95/month, and am only paying $6.00/month.

  • GoDaddy has always had a reputation for horrible service. It's a wonder why people actually use it, despite the reviews.

  • Alright thank you. What do you guys think I would need to host multiple games? Normal hosting, Shared, VPS? If anyone has already gone down this path I would appreciate some advice.

  • Check out Weebly.

    That's where I'll be hosting my future games.

  • I've had a good experience with HostGator thus far. My site is hosted by them, and I get pretty decent speed, too. It won't compete with top-of-the-line sites, but it more than meets my needs. My games run fine off of it, they have a lot of things you can install on your server for free, if you should choose. Their file manager is a little lacking, but ftp fixes that anyways. I researched a lot a few years ago and came to them as my conclusion and have been happy with it since.

    I would avoid GoDaddy purely on their advertising.

  • What kind of service do you have on hostgator, normal web hosting?

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  • You won't needs VPS for just some websites, shared hosting is absolutely fine!

    I own a small UK web-hosting company, and whilst I won't advertise here, I will say be VERY careful of any company that offers "unlimited" disk-space or bandwidth; as others have said it simply doesn't exist, and theres always the chance of being slammed with usage fines if your site really takes off!

    What you really want to be looking for is a good, well supported Linux shared server, preferably with a good number of MySQL databases, and with either cPanel or eXtend 2.0 for your control panel.

    If you're in the US the best company for price is HostGator, and for quality and support SoftLayer are excellent, though pricy.

    If you're in the UK or Europe, 123Reg offers strong European hosting, but can be beaten by several other companies like LCN or Heart Internet.

    I'd definitely recommend getting a good geo-location for your sites, if your TLD is country specific, get your hosting from there! <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Thank you for the advice Mr E Bear, I'm from Europe actually, I'll check those sites out and feel free to advertise yours by PM.

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