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  • What kind of service do you have on hostgator, normal web hosting?

    I apologize for not getting back sooner! I used to use hatchling on hostgator, and it was perfectly serviceable. It won't have the speed to compete with top-of-the-line sites, but it is by no means slow and works great. I recently upgraded to baby so I could host more than one domain on the service--I have as my personal portfolio and that will be a semi-portal/showcase of licensable content. They're hosted on the same server and I can just jump stuff from folder to folder to maintain/reuse/move content. They use cpanel, which gets the job done, and there are a lot of MySQL and plugin options, too. Most of this should be regular on a lot of services, but some may (do) charge a lot more. I've also had really great up-time and they've been pretty helpful whenever I had an issue.

  • I use Hostgator and haven't got anything to complain about. Their Cloudflare integration is a big plus if running a big site.

  • Hello. I'm searching for a paid hosting service for my current and future games and also for hosting a website probably.

    I was wondering if you have any personal recommendations? It should have unlimited bandwidth I suppose. I was gonna go with Godaddy but I'd rather see what else is there. Thanks.

    If there are a lot of recommendations I'll edit the first post and make a list.

    In my personal experience i would suggest .Here they provide web hosting service with three plans at reasonable cost.Among them you can choose any one of the plan according to your requirements.They also provide Unlimited Storage and Bandwidth,Daily Backup,24/7 customer support etc...

  • I use to be with bluehost and they were awesome.

    I have now been with inmotionhosting for 2 years. There service is remarkable, they help very quickly.

    I currently run a shared server with them, I have a mobile app hooked into it, blog, and a text based game.

    Your best bet in my opinion is get a shared host, once it cannot handle your game go with VPS then dedicated. No since going big and wasting money if you dont need it.

  • thehen have you had any reason to need an IIS server, or has the HostGator server with apache, etc... worked fine for you? My initial targeted platforms are windows 8 and windows phone and can't think of any reason I would require an IIS server, but figured I would check with you just in case. In the future I also plan to utilize Azure services, but my thinking is that will most likely be hosted by Microsoft as opposed to getting my own Azure infrastructure.

  • BluePhaze I've not had the need for an IIS server yet, but Azure Mobile Services have announced HTML support, and it looks easier to setup with IIS.

  • We?re using and it?s geat so far .)

  • thehen are you currently using Azure? If so what parts do you find useful for your games? What pricing structure are you using? Trying to figure out what options too look at and try to keep the price low until we have the volume to support the costs...

  • I have HostGator myself. They're cheap, easy to setup, and one of the plans lets you give a domain to one of your subdomains. That way, I can make a separate website for each of my games while still under the same hosting space.

    The only issues I had with them is that I can't host an SVN and stored procedures aren't supported for MySQL.

  • If i wanna host a server for the best price, where to go?

  • I am thinking of moving to a HostGator Baby account. Anyone with HostGator web hosting - I am wondering - Have you have been able to host C2 games with Spriter animation in them?

    I currently use Yahoo Web hosting which is useless as it will not serve the Spriter .scml files nor .appcache or .ogg.

    Does HostGator allow this?

  • Alisa,

    Baby account - I presume you are talking those single digit $ accounts per month.

    My experience with many hosting companies offering these entry level accounts is you have to upgrade very quickly the minute you see any real traffic.

    I recommend bluehost for entry level hosting accounts.

    I haven't used hostgator as I have heard mixed reactions about them.

    I will say stay away from godaddy or any other hosting that uses godaddy servers, resources any any way or form.

    I will also say stay away from when you start going bigger. They are USELESS!


    Never used yahoo - lol - But, really, they won't serve those files?

    Hosting is allowing you to put any file on your website (as long as it is legal)

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  • DUTOIT I kid you not. Yahoo Web Hosting wont serve certain files. Here is what they will support.

    My website used .FLV files and suddenly the movies just stopped playing. They just stopped supporting them and never informed their clients. Horrible practice. I can upload the files...but they don't serve em. YES Stay away from Yahoo.

  • Wow, that is shocking. I would have guessed they are restricting bandwith with .flv files, sneeky tatic to reduce there customers bandwith. BUT, I see they support all the big boys from swf through all the mpg so that isn't a valid guess. Why on earth would they stop .flv that doesn't make any sense.

    That really is low - even for entry level hosting.

    Entry level: I still have an account with bluehost, I run my parents little sailing blog from there and it just plods on, no problems (well nothing big anyways).

  • asmallorange


    those are good and CHEEP.

    = Avoid =

    ramhost: dns issues

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