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  • Hı,

    I wonder. İf ı add gamepad to my game and compille my game with ouya compiller of cocoonjs. Can ı publish game to ouya with no problem? Please let me know.

    Regards .

  • That should work. umm. just an FYI though the OUYA doesn't do OnRelease for the controller.

    It has



  • jayderyu Thanks so much for awnswer also FYI.

    1: ı guess ouya wants their iap integration for selling game. If ı want sell game. Is iap possible with cjs plugin?

    2: I created my game last year and it was very complex ı cant change events so i cant add gamepad control to some places. Can users select anywhere without gamepad?


  • 1. CJS doesn't support IAP. However somewhere there is a Cordova plugin that does support Ouya IAP. I don't know where it is. However the developer of Sticky Sticky can help on that. His game is HTML5 with PhoneGap and uses teh plugin.

    2. If you can't effectivly add gamepad support you will have troubles then.

    Ouya has a TBox on the controller, but should only be used for swipe. However it can be used to control a mouse cursor. But if you rely on it, I can't say it would pass. And the game would probably get a lot of negative feed back requiring a Touch to control.

  • OUYA no longer requires you to create a free to play demo and include iAP to sell you your games.

    Freedom of choice just got freer…for OUYA DEVS.

    With the newest OTA, creating a PAID GAME on OUYA is our new alternative to the FREE TO TRY model, and it's super simple:

    It's as easy as 1, 2, 3... 4… 5!

    1. Create your product here: https://devs.ouya.tv/developers/products

    2. Upload your game here: https://devs.ouya.tv/developers/games

    3. Select whether or not it is Free to Try when you fill out the game's info

    4. Choose whether or not your game has in-app purchases

    5. If it is a paid game, you'll be required to choose a Promoted Product

    Remember, you can still create free-to-try games, free games, and free-to-play games, the same as always. Now there's one more option to enable you to publish your game on OUYA as smoothly as possible.

    You can even change an existing OUYA game from Free to Try to Paid, as long as you have a Promoted Product already in place! Gamers who already purchased your game will not be affected by this change.

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  • jayderyu Thanks so much

    ArcadEd Thanks so much for all information. These all are very helpful for me. Now i think publish my game totaly free (with adveresting) or as you said. Thanks again



  • I don't think OUYA allows ads.

  • ArcadEd

    Sorry lor late. Himm I think little banner every level completed. Anyway it dosent matter when paid is possible.

  • No, what I mean your game won't pass if you have ads. I've never seen an ad on a ouya game, ever.

  • ArcadEd

    Thanks for information. I was think add a banner ad but not now. As i said paid publising is good chose for me

  • You're welcome. I just didn't want you to go through all the trouble of adding ads, just to find out later it's not an option on OUYA and your game will most likely fail to pass.

  • ArcadEd Thanks again i will use adveresting if you didnt give me advise.

  • Yup, I've seen it. Doesn't really bother me. If it takes me at most a few hours or a day to port my game to Ouya and it only ends up bringing in a few hundred bucks, it's worth it.

    Which is why I love html5 .

  • Can anyone offer a breakdown of how to get a game to Ouya with C2?

    I have experience with CocoonJS and XDK, but I did a test and it seems that the joystick mappings failed to work.. Has anyone produced a game with C2 and got it on the Ouya?

    It sounds like it's almost possible, but has anyone actually been able to get their app on the store or even just got an APK on their Ouya that responds to joystick?

    I did a test with CocoonJS once with joystick and it failed to respond.. I just don't know what I did wrong.



    FYI, I contacted the maker of Sticky Sticky and he did it in HTML5 + phone gap. C2 wasn't used.

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