Official Google Play Plug in Crosswalk?

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  • Ashley

    Is it still true that the official Google Play plugin doesn't work with Crosswalk? If so, is there any chance of support pre-C3? There's a third-party solution by cranberry games, but it's a little rough around the edges to say the least.

  • Support for Crosswalk was added some time ago. See the extra steps for Cordova in the manual entry.

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  • Ashley

    Oh wow, okay, that's great news. Could you fix the manual entry then? Because it still says the following (which wasted 2 days work on my end):

      Unfortunately at this time Google Play Game Services only work from a web browser. It does not currently work from Crosswalk or any non-browser wrappers like CocoonJS or Ejecta. However it should still work on mobile browsers such as Chrome for Android.

    When I read the info relating to phonegap/cordova, I assumed it meant the plugin would work with Phonegap Build (ie., on Android L), but the above lead me, understandably, to believe it didn't work in crosswalk.

  • Hello TiAm!

    I have the same problem, i want to use google play services on my game exported with cordova-> intel xdk-> crosswalk

    it doesnt work.

    is your game working well???

    thank you

    (sorry for my english)

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