NW 64 or 32 bit?

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  • i got a fairly large project ready for Steam early access. Ram usage is limited (project shows 90mb, de-facto it can reach peaks of 800 mb more or less).

    My question is: are there advantages in exporting in 64 bit if the ram usage will never reach the 4gb cap of 32 bit?

  • If you are looking to deploy to Linux, you will have to do a 64bit build. Unlike with windows, a vanilla 64bit linux distro typically cannot run 32bit builds out of the box, they need to basically post-install all the 32bit system libraries, which is undesireable for just one game.

    *Edit: I overlooked the "Steam" bit of your posting. It may be less of a problem with steam.

  • According to Google the 64-bit build of Chromium is in some cases faster more stable. However it doesn't run on 32-bit OSs. So you should probably go with both.

  • According to Google the 64-bit build of Chromium is in some cases faster more stable. However it doesn't run on 32-bit OSs. So you should probably go with both.

    Thanks, this settles my doubts, i'll go for both then!

  • The 64 bit version seems to have higher cpu usage for some reason with my game. I'm on a 64 bit system too. The cpu usage on the win 32bit version averages around 2 for standing around doing nothing, while the 64 bit version hovers around 7.

    It still runs fine either way though. I'm not sure why the 64 bit uses more cpu.

    I tested this with a node-webkit export. (10.5 I think)

  • I too have noticed that 64bit builds use a hair more cpu, though I've never seen as much of a discrepancy as DrewMelton. I have noticed that 64bit builds use more memory than 32bit builds though, which seems kind of ironic.

    That being said, I have tried newer NW's, but always end up rolling back to 10.5. It's is the smoothest and most stable for me, and everything works that I need...but 10.5 only exports 32 bit. So, that simplifies things.

  • 10.5 messes up my game text formatting >.<

    Also, with 10.5 there is a rare bug happening with render cells enabled.

  • TiAm, did you try the new NW 13 alpha?

  • Actually, I haven't tried 13 yet; last version I tried was 12.

    Do you mean actual text, or spritefonts? I never really use text objects; too many issues on too many platforms.

  • Actual texts, so i should just move to spritefonts? Omg that's a hell of a work! Ashley please fix the game texts!

  • You should use SpriteFonts wherever possible.. It's not a matter of fixing it, Text is just a different beast..

    It's a lot of work, but it needs to be done... you are better off in the long run.

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  • I hope text objects aren't THAT bad... I'm using nearly 10 of them. There are about 5 different colors for the texts as well to make it look nicer. There is a lot of stuff to read in my game, but I guess that's the nature of an RPG.

  • What's wrong with text objects? I have no idea what you're talking about, you probably need to file a bug to the bugs forum following all the guidelines. Note however if it doesn't happen on the latest version of NW.js we won't fix it (since that means it's an NW.js bug that they already fixed).

  • Ashley texts work fine with latest NW.js, btw i was being a little bit sarcastic (love how you respond when someone states a bug without a proper report )

    +1 to reasons for using latest NW.js, beetches!

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