Non-paused "wait" action by "wait for signal"

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  • "wait" action will also be paused by set timescale = 0.

    Now we could use a object with a timer behavior, and set the timescale of this object to 1, i.e. the time of this object will not be paused.

    We just

    to have a non-paused "wait action" by "wait for signal".


    Thanks for having this new wait for signal action!

  • Wow, this might solve my problems in multiplayer connection recovery!!!

  • Turn down for wait?

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  • Not sure, but can't the same thing be done using Function ? What is the advantage of "Wait for signal" and "Signal" actions ?

  • We get signal?

    Actually it's a little different from a function in that a function runs spontaneously, but the signal can be fired whenever you like.

    I believe picked objects from the original wait condition should be picked as well.

    Have not tested that however.

  • Just checking out wait for signal. Please look at the following and decide before running it

    What output would you think it would produce?

    Would the output be the same if I waited 1 second, 1 minute, etc. before clicking?

    Edit: also think about output after 1st click, 2nd click, etc.


  • codah

    Each "wait for signal" just like "wait" action, it will register a pending task for remainder actions into engine.


    + every tick

    • wait for signal (or wait action)

    will create a lot of tasks into engine. So that remainder actions ( + Variable1 add to 1 ) will be run many times when signal (or time-out by wait action).

  • rexrainbow you are spot on. But if I replace 'wait for signal' with 'wait for x seconds' then I will only get the 'add 1' and log executed once.

    Or if I do this


    I will get only 1 execution of 'add 1' etc.

    Maybe I'm having a brain fade.

  • codah

    Yes, it will log one time.

    Another usage for "wait for signal" is waiting user input, like this capx

  • codah

    Yes, it will log one time.

    Another usage for "wait for signal" is waiting user input, like this capx

    that's what I was trying to do with my first example.. user input being a mouse click

  • Maybe post this as a tutorial so it's not lost in the forums!

  • Maybe post this as a tutorial so it's not lost in the forums!

    Still not clear on difference between rexrainbow 's sample and mine. But I'd read the tutorial

  • Perhaps something that shows what it might be useful for. Like an explosion you don't want to set off in the collision event, or even a group of explosions using a loop with concatenated strings for the signal. call signal "explodebase"&loopindex

  • This "Wait for signal" action is great for 2 things: it runs even if timescale is 0 and it remembers SOL. But to me it seems more like a condition than an action

    rexrainbow I will really love to see your plugin "Instance Group" as a official plugin. If not having all the union/complement/intersection at least 2 actions Save and Retrieve SOL. Cool plugin, but I guess with the new "Wait for signal" it can do some actions on the same specific SOL

  • Hi guys. Is there anyways to stop some actions running in a layout ? I have some troubles with multiplayers actions. It keeps running although I changed to other layout...

    And I have other question : I load about 1500 actions at the start of layout. It might cause app crash and quit in some low memory devices ( some phone which has 512 mb ram and cpu x86). Can someone help me to stop its crash please ? Thank for any helps !

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