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  • Was just wanting to get a thread going about doing some other stuff in Node-Webkit.

    For example, over here is a list of features that can be added such as a frameless window. There's actually a lot of stuff CC could never do. Honestly I would love to have everything on that page if it was possible.

    Also I wanted to bring up the possibility of making a C2 game viewer where basically all you did was drop an existing normal html5 export into a folder that an exe could read.

    The reasoning there is that the exe itself can be rather large where as the game itself can be tiny in comparison.

    And then other possibilities arise such as having multiple games together.

    Some really nice options when you think about it.

  • Agreed, there's a ton of cool features that could be added from Node-Webkit. Scirra might actually be working on adding some currently though, I'm not sure.

  • I would check out the examples that come with Construct 2. There's a few in there that cover touch input, swiping, etc.

  • Well Im talking more about features like this that cant be implemented via events.

    Not quite live tiles, but still very cool.

  • Yeah, I agree that there should be more native export support with the Node Webkit API having so much ability to do things. (probably through the node-webkit plugin)

    I don't think EXE size is an issue because it includes a lot of stuff that C2 doesn't use yet but potentially could. But I have to agree that a 4mb game exporting to 40mb with webkit is surprising to many people.

    However an idea of a modular local viewer is a neat idea, but would probably take a lot of work.

  • While I personally wouldn't have use for a lot of those options, I agree they could be useful and more window control/options would be great, I could definitely use those.

    Also, you already can use node webkit as a 'c2 game viewer' by downloading node webkit from the website, creating a manifest file for window settings, putting it in the exported game's directory, and then dragging the exported game's folder on to nw.exe. https://github.com/rogerwang/node-webkit/wiki/How-to-run-apps

  • I don't mean to hijack this thread but I have a question about NodeWebKit and maybe someone here can answer. Is it possible to access the UserMedia plugin, specifically the microphone, through NodeWebkit? I need to something very simple where by I use the speech to text capabilities of the UserMedia plugin to write to a file through NodeWebKit but so far it seems that the exported .exe is not able to access the microphone.

    Any help is very much appreciated and I agree with others that I would like to see more features from NodeWebKit enabled.


  • srealist

    You need to check what version of Chrome Node-Webkit uses vs what version is required to use the "experimental" UserMedia plugin.

  • newt, thank you for the response. I'm embarrassed to say I could not figure that out or even figure out where to find this information.

  • I'd use many of the features personally. +1 !

  • ... I accidentally posted the reply to another thread right under my reply to this thread... disregard that second one please...

  • Sorry to resurrect this thread, but I've been playing much with NW too lately,

    And after having a look at the docs, I agree that something like a frameless window would be a really neat thing to have indeed

    It would add a bunch of design possibilities for both widget-like apps or games


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  • It's very easy to make a frameless window in NW. Add the line "frame": false, to the C2\exporters\html5\node-webkit\package.json file, under the "window": { section. Apparently it's suggested that you also add "toolbar": false, but I haven't tested that.

    More info here.

  • Sweet, thanks for the tip! it works indeed at export (but not in preview)

    I wouldn't say it's "very easy" to handle or switch though, maybe we could have a new Nodewebkit action inside C2 for that,

    Or if it's meant to work only after package, maybe a [frameless] box to tick in NW export option?

  • You can get it to work in preview if you change the package-preview.json file as well.

    Eh, I think it is very easy to edit a text file, but I do agree that a couple of toggles and/or options in the NW object would certainly make it easier and more accessible. Ashley, would this be possible? Support in this form for kiosk mode (forced fullscreen) would also be pretty neat.

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