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  • So I'm brand new to Construct but have a pretty extensive background in programming and software development. All I've done so far with Construct is the beginner tutorial. I was thinking for my first project I could work on something like the old DOS classic Warlords (here's an example of some game play: ). Although, I know it's probably ambitious for a first real construct project, I was hoping that some of the vets here could point me to some tutorials and resources to help me get started.

    Thanks for any feedback or info!

    *Edit: Since I can't post urls yet, I attempted to post a link to a youtube video titled "Warlords (DOS) - Game Play"

  • uh you want to make Warlords out of nothing? i mean before doing anything else?

    start small with simple games and learn till you can make a bit more advanced ones. and then try something advanced. also without families you're pretty much crippled a lot (you get them with full version)

  • saiyadjin has said everything. You can't start with something too advanced because without knowledge and experience you will just end up frustrated and tired without any solid results and you can't start with something too advanced because the lite version of Construct 2 doesn't allow you to make advanced stuff. Here's what I used to learn several basics of Construct 2 :

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    [all the parts] ... onstruct-2 [you've done this one] ... tform-game [you should do this one too]

    And I "explored" this forum. There are not only the things included in C2, there are the effects, the plugins and all the content made by the community itself that you can add in C2 to continue your projects. You should take some weeks to only learn, start with some little things, then buy the licence. You need to practice before trying to develop any personal and advanced project (like everything in life, when you think about it). As a programmer, you know it anyway <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_wink.gif" alt=";)" title="Wink">

  • Start by looking at the examples that C2 has, and like the other guys mentioned, start small, learn the basics, and read, read, read. This website is also great to ge to know a bit more about C2 capabilities.

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  • I found that starting big got me to figure a lot of things out I wouldn't have touched for simpler games so I don't think starting big is a wrong answer... As long as you know you probably won't finish that one.

  • No problem with starting medium, if you have prior programming knowledge, imo.

    The only problem I see is that you can't plan well up front, so you might run yourself into a dead end or unorganized project because of bad planning.

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