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  • Just wanted to clarify something, the plugin I was referring to was for construct classic.   I apologize if anyone thought I meant the c2 plugin, for which development has not yet begun.   I always just copy paste the post from the construct classic forum.

    Really? Since the post on a Consturct2 forum I assumed (or lead astray?) that this was for Construct 2.

    Kind of sorry I bought this now, and think this thread should be deleted or moved to Construct Classic.

    That said when is the scheduled release for Construct 2?

    Note to others:

    Do not buy Spriter if you are using Construct 2

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  • We can get you a refund guyon, PM me your email, and I'll forward it to Mike, who handles that side of things. The intention was definitely not to mislead, the plugin and the editor are moving into free open alpha, so this announcement wasn't meant to garner additional sales. Development of the Construct 2 plugin begins after the Construct Classic plugin is complete.

    I'm not ready to give a concrete release date for that yet, as it's evolving with the editor, and with user input, which will be beginning today.

  • here's a link to the current alpha version of the editor and the construct classic plugin:

  • although there isn't a "plugin", we can still use the exported animations, correct? Even if it was something like exporting a bunch of png files and then importing them as an animation in C2?

    I'm downloading the lite version now to play with it, and am half tempted to buy the pro version (only $6), just to support the development of your project because I believe in what you are trying to accomplish.

    Thanks for hitting up these forums, or I might not have run across this tool.

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