new Spriter vid! Alpha for current pro users

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  • Six bucks? Sold!

    EDIT: Started fiddling around with it and wow, is this going to save me some time animating! Thanks, Lucid!

  • Awesome, today I was just suggesting it here:

    Sold! I saw this tool on Game Maker Community a long time ago, and now it's looking simple perfectly xD

  • I have a few questions:

    Will there still be a free version when the new update is ready?

    Also will the Classic and C2 plugins work with the free version?

  • nless plans change, there will be a free version of the Construct Classic Plug-in, and a Pro version...just like Spriter itself. I'm guessing the Free plug-in will support all of The free version of Spriter's features, and the Pro (commercial) version will support ALL of Spriter's features.

    The plug-ins are separate product, ofter programmed by additional paid engineers...we couldn't provide the Pro plug-ins to Spriter Pro owners without drastically raising the price of Spriter Pro.

    Charging seperately for the Spriter Pro Plugins allows us to keep the price very reasonable and allows customers to pay only for the plug-ins that they need, or just use the free versions.

    Thanks very much for your support,


  • so, as promised, but a few days late, spriter updated vid

    and spriter updated version:


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    all current pro users get to alpha test until beta release. so if you buy today, you get the latest versions until beta release.

    in other news, I've quit my dayjob, and I'll be working fulltime for the next half a year or so on mostly spriter, and projects using spriter, so development should be picking up quite a bit.

    please ask questions and make suggestions

    for current users, just return the workflowy for the link to the latestalpha

    aside from bugfixes and some optimizations. the main new addition since last week is the adjustable pivotpoints. press h to change the pivotpoint of an image. this will apply to all instances of this image. you can also do this to multiselections as well, so you can adjust the axis of rotation for a group of selected images as well

  • This is an awesome video, and this plugin is filling up with promises by the day.

    Can't wait to have a C2 version.

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  • Brilliant i'm glad i bought it when i did.

  • Can't wait to play with the new version. Keep up the great work Lucid.

  • Good work Lucid! Can you animate the pivot points? Have you any plan to implement the 2d character creation engine with bones and skinning?

  • thanks everyone. another update soon

    Good work Lucid! Can you animate the pivot points? Have you any plan to implement the 2d character creation engine with bones and skinning?

    this is unofficial, since I have no timeline as of yet, and whether this would befast enough in js/html5 would require testing to be sure it'd work in c2, but it's definitely something I want(/plan(unofficially)) to add to the editor.

  • Thanks for the fast replay lucid.

    Spiter bought

  • hi guys, small update before the official announcement. It doesn't look like I'll achieve feature complete beta status on time for dec 1. a few construct classic bugs and missing features slowed progress, such as platform behavior crashing on nonsprite objects, and a few others, and so I had to fix those before moving on with spriter.   

    however, the good news is that because i will miss the dec 1st deadline for achieving beta status, I will be opening alpha to everyone a week early, so within the next two days I'll be releasing the alpha version of both the editor, and the construct classic plugin as well, to the entire scirra community so you can actually load characters in game, and start reporting bugs and requesting features.

    I'll also announce the future plans of spriter, both the immediate future, such as the order you can expect the currently announced features to be implemented, and the complete to-do list for 1.0, and also the possible future feature set.

    see you soon with download links, and instructions. happy thanksgiving!

  • Sounds good <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Great News.

  • Just wanted to clarify something, the plugin I was referring to was for construct classic.   I apologize if anyone thought I meant the c2 plugin, for which development has not yet begun.   I always just copy paste the post from the construct classic forum.

    The editor will be the same, so you can still use that, and cc is free, and has the same event structure, so you can still test out characters you animate, and save them for later use in a c2 game.   Keep a lookout for the link later today.

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