The new Lighting & Shadowing System

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  • Thank you thank you thank you!!!

    Just a silly test, made on the fly within C2 in under 30 minutes!

    Did I mention that I thank you?


    Here is an example from the 4rth page that delivers a similar (perhaps better) result

  • Very atmospheric

    But please add a proper character, even though it's just a test. It would add to the atmosphere immensely.

    Oh and make a game with it

  • zenox98 no, no, it is a complete game! It's the complete experience of an Orange Rectangle that thinks of his world as a finite, rectangular window, from which someone is peeping, lurking and even controlling his fate, reaching from a higher dimension! Think about it!!!

  • Deep

  • But his world crumbles when he walks to the left hand edge of the world....

  • I'm not sure I understand what I'm seeing with the shadow system... Has anyone tested out the penumbra example?

    If you position your light source where I have, do you also see the light appear? I'd have thought it should go on forever, so it shouldn't appear at all!

  • zenox98 2deep my friend

    BluePhaze , yes aparently he falls thru the edge of the world. You see, Copernicus and Galileo doesn't exist yet in this rectangular world.

    AnD4D I think that what you describe is an artifact caused from the light being too close on the wall. When we use the soft shadows thingy we shouldn't approach that much the objects that hold the ShadowCaster behavior. But maybe I got this wrong.

  • That's what I thought too... but the light is 15pixels, and the sprite of the light is 30 pixels... and I have a clear gap either side of me... Odd.

  • Perhaps is not that precise. 15 px radius is 30 pix diameter. Maybe a few more pixels are needed for the shadow softness.

    On the other hand, I am buffed from the 3rd example, the one with the colored shadows! For the love of God, I can't find the color parameter anywhere!!! Anybody have a hint on this?

  • Hmm, to get it to work the way I want, I have to set the light width to 0... but then I can't get soft edges. Strange.

    The colour changes are in the events... "Set Shadow Colour"

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  • If you add an action, then the Set Shadow Colour option is available. But if you try to use the Expression Panel, then the option isn't there.

    Methinks 'tis a bug.

  • Man! Love this plugin... but the way it is atm, I can't make the game I want to make!

    Also, I kind of need WebGL for what I want it to do... and atm I can't use that...

  • AnD4D Duh, I never even thought to look there.

    I can confirm that this is a matter of inaccuracy. See the following test capx. I replaced the Tilled Background walls with single sprites and there are gaps between them.


    zenox98 You are right. There aren't any color options in expressions. Perhaps they are not implemented yet..?

    AnD4D Why don't you elaborate on how do you wish the plugin to be improved? Perhaps there is some workaround or Ashley could enhance it in future releases.

  • I just want the light to create perfect shadows, meaning if the light source is behind a wall, the light doesn't appear on the other side (as shown in my image. I find that if I set the light radius set to 0 I'm still getting shadows and light appearing where they shouldn't.

    I also want to have the light set to 15 so I can get soft shadows

  • AnD4D , how about putting the light on a separate layer, set the radius height to 0 and add horizontal & vertical blur on the layer..? It will soften the shadows. It's a workaround of course but it's a start. Oh, and think of the shadow bleed around the blocks as a free AO

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