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  • Loving the new debugger. I'm curious if there is a way to see all the current values of global variables with the debugger? I feel like I am just missing that section somewhere.



  • As far as I can tell, it appears this is not in yet.

    Probably something that will come in the next versions.

  • Thanks Kyatric

    The debugger has already saved me a ton of time when trying to find a bug in my current project. I didn't think it was a big deal that it was missing, but now, not so much :).

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  • Hey, I have few questions: is it normal that my game on PC show CPU from 2 - 7 %, and same result on notebook. Fps 50-60 on PC and only 35 on notebook?

    I just want to know it.

    And what mean the "Poly check/sec" ?

    And I was realy wander when I saw that my game check for colizion 7000 times (20 objects with 8 colizion points in every object).

    EDIT - and 60-90 % CPU on Ipad

  • Kurz: For the performances you have to make sure your graphic card drivers/browser/OS are up to date. There were a lot of reports in the past of laptops which had their graphic card blacklisted/not handling webGL.

    Ipad doesn't handle webGL at all, so a lot of the rendering/calculation falls back to the CPU.

  • Guys, looking for the new debugger, where can I get it/how does one use it?

  • nutmix

    There is an icon called 'Debug Layout' next to run layout.

  • Nutmix, the new beta is up with the first part of the debugger included.

    That icon runs the current/last active layout, and you can run your project from the beginning by pressing Control-F5

  • Awsome debugger tool thanks to the devs :)

  • Global variables aren't shown because I forgot about them! Oops, will try to add in the next beta :)

    Kurz - the "poly check/sec" is the number of actual collision polygon intersection tests that have been done. Usually the vast majority of collision checks can be immediately determined to be not overlapping since the object's bounding boxes do not overlap. This simple rectangle check involves a tiny amount of simple code, and is incredibly fast - you can easily have hundreds of them per tick and still get good performance. However if the object bounding boxes are overlapping, the engine then has to actually inspect the collision polygon lines, which is a bit slower (it currently has to check each line in the polygon, so slows down with more poly points). So basically it tells you how many collision checks are the full and slower check. Usually it's considerably less. For example the Ghost Shooter rain demo does about 140 collision checks per tick, but only 3-5 poly checks per tick - again a small enough number to barely impact performance at all. If poly checks read 100/tick, that might be cause for concern.

  • Haha, thanks Ashley :).

  • Sooooo pushing 500 poly checks/tick would be pretty bad, then?

    Is there any way to exclude certain objects from these checks? I have a quite a number of background objects that mostly just sit around doing nothing, but I guess they're all chewing up a little piece of performance by simply overlapping.

  • GeometriX - the engine does not check collisions for any objects at all, unless you use an 'On collision' or 'Is overlapping' object testing an object, or if you use a behavior which does automatic collision checking (e.g. Platform).

  • Ashley, aha, thanks for clarifying that.

    Turns out that having a bajillion bullet objects (mostly enemies, but also collectable coins that bounce along the ground) in a level was the cause. It also seems that these checks happen even the bullet behaviour is disabled. Is this something that I simply need to accept, or is there a way around it?

  • Yeah, I was going to ask that. If bounce off solids is set to no, do objects with the bullet behavior still do checks?

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